Wednesday, 23 April 2008

entry level hermes

.: ulysse agenda cover (11.5 x 10 cm) in taupe veau togo leather, with silver snap closure & plain page refill, GBP95 :.

i bought this in december 2007 and i thought that was a great entry level hermes item. the leather is soft and luxurious to touch. initially i bought it as a christmas present for a friend, but i like it so much i decided to place it under the christmas tree for myself! the size is perfect and would fit coat pockets and bags of all sorts. i use it as a travel diary, jotting down interesting quotes i come across, store addresses when i went to paris in jan, receipts from restaurants during travelling as momento etc. the color above is perhaps more rugged and manly which i do like a lot, but being my first hermes item i went for classic hermes orange.

yet another inane and unnecessary item, i've only used it a few times, and each time i wrap it with a dustbag to prevent other random stuff in my bag scratching this beautiful and buttery leather. how... unglam!

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