Thursday, 29 May 2008

louis vuitton tobago keepall 50

long story short, i returned the damier grimaud, and brought home with me the red tobago keepall in cowhide leather. it's the last piece in store, and now no longer in production. the luggage tag was personalised and my initials stamped in gold film.

the leather is soft and smooshy, without stuffings the bag would collapse. there are two things i am not entirely satisfied with but i am willing to see past them for this is really a luxurious piece of luggage: there is no internal pockets (why?!), and base has no cardboard to keep its shape and bag sags downwards when filled up.

nonetheless, this is my first ever piece of vuitton, and i am very pleased. (bank manager might not be...)

.: louis vuitton red cowhide leather tobago keepall. SFR2,510 / approx EUR1,570

above: keepall in blue, carryall in red
below: me in my pile of tobago luggage (i wish)


  1. Oh, one trip to geneva and you subcumb to the shopping temptation! hahaha. But you did make a great purchase. I think getting this red tobago bag is way more practical and gorgeous than the damier canvas grimaud. That looks so bulky and not very user friendly and you probably use it only when you are travelling. This red tobago bag will take you all places and has a stunning colour and now you are one of the few who owns it as it will no longer be produced! Did you get tax rebate back? that will make your purchase even more worthwhile!

    congrats on your new LV purchase. I love the bag, as I love the red colour! and the initials on the luggage tag, divine!

  2. oh, no internal pockets...then you need the 'Monogram Canvas Complice Key and Change Holder' to hook it to your bag and provide compartment for your keys and change. hehehe. Oops...I am providing temptations here.

  3. hi kevin,

    yes i did get tax back, but i think it vuitton was slightly more expensive there to begin with. and the tax rebate was only about 6%. but better than nothing heh!

    yea the grimaud is a bit bulky but it is special and not really common. the tobago keepall is too pristine, i can't bear to use it. imagine scratches on it!

    is printing of initials on luggage tags complimentary in singapore?

    which is 'Monogram Canvas Complice Key and Change Holder'? post pic! wouldn't monogram be odd against the red grained leather? i wanted something from tobago range but its all sold out pretty much now huh

    temptation is bad. i am going to paris in 6 weeks time!

  4. Hi Joseph,

    dun know about the printing of initials in SG...Did you pay for that and does it take long to get done? I love that service!

    and yeah, tobago must be used with care. Well, just be more gentle and it will be fine. No point buying a bag and not used it. I had problems with my gucci snake skin bag, was so worried about the bag getting damaged and the scales I totally empathise with the situation. Can you find some red leather polish? Will help to hide minor scratches. I bought brown shoe leather polish from Bally to protect my brown bags:-)

    The 'Monogram Canvas Complice Key and Change Holder' is the little pouch with the LV trunk logo on it. I love the gold chain and hook that enables you to hook it to bags and hence it's a bag accessory as well. And the trunk logo is pretty vintage looking against the monogram which make me overlook the monogram. Check out my material boy #69 post on my blog. it also comes in epi leather in a varirty of colours, such as red! complimentary to your bag!:-P

  5. oh hey joseph, Can I do a feature of your red tobago bag on my blog? I love that bag!:-P

  6. the printing of initials is a complimentary service for all bags with luggage tags here in london. if you go to their website and select UK, there's a section where it shows how they do it. very cool. they offered the same service in geneva too. makes the bag more personal i feel. takes 1 day turnaround.

    oh i love that trunk logo, hmm good choice! trunk logo on epi too? MMmmmm. paris Paris PARIS!!

    yes feel free to feature my pride and joy haha!

  7. thank you! I will proceed to use your pics and feature your bag! I am somehow very attracted to the red colour with the gold hardware! such an eye catching combination.

    Oh, the trunk logo is only on the monogram version. The epi leather is just leather, and in a smaller size with only a top zip. The trunk logo monogram version is larger and has zip that runs to the side! I am so tempted to buy that pouch:-P especially in this time when I am unwilling to spend full price on spring summer merchandise. Louis Vuitton is never on that's great!:-P

    Yes, you can get lots of LV in Paris...I am so envious now!:-)

  8. That's a nice piece for a first LV! Congratulations, it's truly gorgeous!!!

  9. thanks :)
    but i still can't bear to use it!

  10. congrats on your Tobago Keepall. i think you made the right choice. the leather is just so smooshy and the colour is absolutely stunning. keep on LoVing! =)

  11. thanks :)
    the leather is indeed very soft and smooshy. i hope it will last me for a looooong time!

  12. Gorgeous bag! Best choice!
    But do you have the same problem concering the colour-quality? My yellow tobago-keepall starts to become grey at some edges and the origin yellow colour disappears... :-(
    Jonas from Stockholm

    P.S.: Nice blog by the way!

  13. hi jonas,

    thanks for the comments! it might surprise you, but i've not used the keepall yet! it's still stored nicely in the dustbag, stored on top of my wardrobe.

    i expect that after a few use, the edges would give way due to wear and tear, hence greying like you said. i kinda expect vibrant bags to fade after time. so i am afraid to use it!

    and whenever i want to use it, it rains!

    the yellow tobago range is one of my favourites, it is so rich and luxurious, glad you got it!


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