Thursday, 5 June 2008

army daze

following on my monogramouflage obsession:

legit: louis vuitton monogramouflage passport cover

legit: manolo blahnik campari suede mary janes, camo sequin pumps

not legit: "hermes" camo birkin?!

legit: marc jacobs camouflage boxers

i need more camouflage!


  1. im having a little camo fever too. i wish the LV Monoflage makes it to Australia as well.

  2. there are so many varying reports about the release, some say limited edition of 500 bags, some say general release on jun 15th, some say "huh??"

    i am lost too. i emailed vuitton yesterday, hope they will clarify!

  3. im keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. you guys should have been born in singapore, we do national service here till we are 40 or so, and get army-issue camo everything! i do love the monocamo line but i guess i am abit camo-ed out.

  5. hehe i'm from singapore, i finished my 2.5yrs of national service from a combat unit no less. so i get to wear my "no.4" almost everyday!

    then i left singapore for london.

    i always love military style. i have a couple of coats and shirts in military style. maybe i was too traumatised by the whole NS experience lol

    that camo vuitton bag is obscene but cool and the same time, i need!

  6. You guys are just too 'sentimental'. hahaha. I guess you are still very much 'in love' of your NS days, that is why you guys are still fascinated by the camo prints. Hehe. I must say, I love military style as well, although I have not gone thru combat training during NS. I fight my battles with a pen:-)

    However, I have to admit, this camo LV bags are gonna be a huge hit! It's decadent and yet funky...:-)

    Good luck to you, Joseph...please update as soon as you have news:-)



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