Friday, 13 June 2008

COS pre sale

not heard of COS? it is owned by H&M, but operated in a completely different manner and targetting a different market. their clothes adopt clean simple lines. i would say it's a hybrid of jil sander, calvin klein and marni, at zara prices. i love their clothes. their quality is much better than zara and H&M. and because of the minimalistic approach to design, they pay attention to the cutting, the buttons, the collars etc. visit for more pictures.

oh, and i have been searching high and low for that shirt, and i can never find it in store!


  1. Nice stuff! It's really Jil Sander, Marni , Calvin Klein mix. Sort of like CK Calvin Klein...since we dun have COS in Singapore. Someone should bring the label here! We need more choices!

  2. OMG! COS is having sale on the 18th? is it by invitation only? or open to everyone?

  3. kev: COS has very nice and affordable pieces, the overall shopping experience is also much better too. the store is designed by some well known architect, overall ambience is very chill out, relaxed atmosphere.

    sregez: i don't think its by invitation only, i think its called a pre sale as it starts in the evening, before the actual sale perhaps on friday? no mention of printing of flyers or anything.

  4. Hi,
    I have so much clothes from COS, but haven't been invited to the sale in copenhagen ;P They have so much at such affordable prices.

    Great blogg by the way,

  5. thanks paolo :)
    yes COS seems to be the best kept secret (though not for long i think!)


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