Thursday, 19 June 2008

i am going to return the vuitton tobago shoe bag

i thought long and hard: i am going to return the vuitton tobago shoe bag.

the bag is beautiful and well made but it just doesn't suit me. i have not brought the bag out and everyday i preen in front of the mirrors and i just felt awkward. i don't want to spend so much money on a bag and feel awkward and not confident. the fact that i spent 2 hours in the store deciding on the bag was a tell tale sign to me and i should have heed. i hope they will be alright with returns, i've never returned something to a high end store before.

unfortunately vuitton don't do refunds, but an exchange within 14days. i left a message for my SA to call me back but no calls yet. i wanted to enquire about the pre fall bag in the pics, and if that bag actually made it into production.

if all else fails, i am going for my original choice: the monogramouflage keepall.

i blame all these impulsive buying from excessive stress at work!


  1. At least stores in Europe can do returns!:-P So hope you find something to exchange it!

    We all made wrong choices all the time, when it comes to impulse buying. It does frustrates and stress you.

    Even an accomplished shopper will surrender to impulse. So when you shop, have to be careful!:-)

  2. even though its sad to know, at least you're doing the right thing. if it doesn't feel right, why hang on to it? never settle, go for the one you really love. aren't you glad you didn't have it heat stamped? otherwise you'll be stuck with a bag you don't like, that can't return to LV but can't sell because its got your initials on it. that's why i never heat stamp directly on my bags. luggage tags are easier to replace ;-)

  3. It is strange how you are returning the bag, and I did not get mine either. This is my story.

    Remember I told you guys that both carryall and shoebag were put aside for me till the weekend. For the last couple of days, another SA has been calling me over and over again saying that another customer wants it ASAP, and giving me sob stories about how if I am not sure I should not hold on to it.

    I am so pissed with his attitude and told him he want do whatever he wants (after like the 6th call). I am just wondering now should I make a complaint against him for the constant harassment.

    Bad taste in my mouth now. Don't even want the damm bags anymore.

  4. i still think the heat stamping thing on the bag would be a very nice thing, but yea, lucky i didnt do it.

    and alvin, what happened! at least LV is calling you back, my SA hasn't returned my call! i was quite surprised that they are willing to keep it for a week really. and like what we said earlier, someone is snooping around and we've brought back the craze in tobago bags hehe

    if you like i can see the bag to you (brand new never used promised!). if not i will return it on saturday, try and exchange it for another bag or a credit note if they allow.


  5. pardon my beckham england, i do mean *sell the bag to you!!

  6. Oh my...the SAs in LV is nasty. Bad service is the worst to happen for a luxury brand. We expect high levels of service for the kind of price we are paying!

    Not to worry and better bags will come along!

    and Joseph, hope you get a good closure to the bag incident!:-)

  7. So surprised that you're not keeping it, as this is one bag i'm dreaming to have. but if it doesn't feel right for you, best that you go for one that fits your profile like a glove. Whatever happens, good luck and I wait with bated breath.. :)

  8. yea i hope i can get that prefall bag i really like it but no one seems to know anything about it, even customer services.

    and i am jealous, you met patrick louis vuitton!

  9. awww... i'm so sorry it doesn't work for you :(
    i really like this bag although i'm not sure about the comfortability.

  10. its a comfortable bag, not very heavy.
    just that i am too tall for it, and not exactly my style really


  11. I like those pre-fall bags, which do you prefer: the white or the grayish brown? handheld or messenger-type?

    It was such a thrill meeting him! I guess I got lucky. :)

  12. I like those pre-fall bags, which do you prefer: the white or the grayish brown? handheld or messenger-type?

    It was such a thrill meeting him! I guess I got lucky. :)

  13. i wanted one of those pre fall bags, the greyish brown hand held porte document bag. i asked my SA but she doesn't know and not seen pics yet.

    you have more info??

  14. No, I don't have any info on them. Just ogling at their pics on :)


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