Tuesday, 17 June 2008

louis vuitton men's pre fall 2008

.: a selection from louis vuitton pre fall 2008 :.

kill me now. *stab stab stab*. why can't they make something totally hideous with fur or monogram but this understated leather bag in the most to die for muted palette *wails*

be very still my heart



  1. Thanks for the link. I have linked you back.

    That bag looks incredible, but I know the price will be outrageous. Ann Demeulemeester and Robert Geller already own me for the fall.

  2. I love the colour of the bags! But the shape and design looks too basic like any other luxury brand bags. Hope to see the details which will alway make the difference!:-)

  3. what attracts me is the color of the leather, looks "aged".

    and this looks proper manly so i have no qualms about it

    i need to stay away from the shops!

  4. We are the 'baked beans club':-(...need to stay away from shops if we are ever to eat a proper meal.:-P

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  6. i just saw them on the LV website and was about to blog about it too. i like this new grey colour of the Bequia leather. i guess the Bequias have been so successful to be used for the fourth consecutive season. but Damier Graphite is the one im most keen on for F/W'08.

  7. is bequia range made from kangeroo leather? i've not touched it before, soft and prone to scratches?

    and re the hot stamping, my initials were printed on the front of the luggage tag, the leather is actually very thin. i was hoping they could do it at the top of the bag where there's 2 layers of leather. i'm also thinking of getting them to test on that flap on the inside.

    but after all these comments i am quite apprehensive heh.

    and alignment is one issue. on the simple piece of luggage tag, they managed to misaligned my initials. i wasn't very happy about it then :x

  8. I think the soana line is the kangaroo.

    The bequia leather is soft to touch but heavy. it has a greyish patina which makes the dark bags look old. and because it's not grained, it scratches easily.

    wow, I sound like a true tPF'er from the Hermes subforum, discussing various leathers. Haha

  9. i am very impressed! apparently soana, bequia and tobago were all named after islands. i heard abt tobago, but not the former two.

  10. yep, Allan's right. Soana is kangaroo skin, Bequia is calfskin. its similar to Utah leather, minus the wrinkles. both first came out for S/S'07.

    i personally think that the Tobago shoe bag is perfect the way it is. no need for any permanent "improvements".


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