Sunday, 15 June 2008

louis vuitton tobago shoebag

i went to the vuitton shop at new bond street to enquire about the monogramouflage keepall (which will be released on 1st july for coated canvas range), and a familiar looking bag caught my eye. they displayed the black tobago shoebag discreetly on a bottom shelf, and it wasn't very obvious to most as the wordings on the black bag is in dark brown (see here).

i asked to take a closer look, and the lady said "oh we have another one", and brought out the shoebag in blue. i think my heart missed a beat then. 2 hours in the shop, deciding between black or blue or norway trip in 2 weeks time or paris trip in july or baked beans till the end of the year, i left with this:

.: tobago shoe bag, with tobago keepall i bought less than a month ago :s :.

questions on my mind:
- why does the black bag has a zipper on the inside but not the blue?
- why do they still have bags from spring summer 2006?

random thoughts i had:
- out of brown, black and blue, i still preferred blue. black is discreet and more manly, but too discreet. that shade of brown is too loud.

anyway, pictures from spring summer 2006 campaign:

it is really baked beans till the rest of the year, with the keepall, shoebag and hermes portfolio all within a month! rehab rehab!


  1. nice bag, dear. the box of your bag gave you away. LOL

    you should watermark your bag pictures. it might get stolen and used on eBay to sell a fictitious bag.

    I'm also going to Paris on July. Just to check out stuff and eat good food.

  2. oh i forgot to watermark them, but nevermind...

    i hope i can carry off the bag, it looks a bit small on my 6ft frame, but i thought hey the guy on the runway can, so why can't i!

    i am going to paris in july too, from 14th to 16th. i am VERY scared!! oh talk about good food, check out Le Suffren. we had the best time of our lives there, seriously best seafood and steak in the house!

  3. I will, thanks for the tip.

    you're 6 feet? you're taller than me. I'm only 5'10", and even I can rock that bag. of course you can.

  4. Congrats on your greatlooking shoe bag! I've been thinking about it these past few days, and don't know where I could get it. I was so shocked that it's still out there! I think I'll stop thinking about LV once I get my hands on the shoe bag. Great photography, btw! :)

  5. thanks :)

    oddly, i was thinking about the shoe bag for the past few days too. i was browsing through past campiagns and also TPF, and thought i really like it.

    and when i saw it in the store, i thought to myself "careful what you wish for"

    i think vuitton can check stock by regions. if you're in europe, your local store should be able to tell you which store still has the shoe bag (if he/she is nice...)

  6. the Tobago Shoe Bag is one of my all-time faves. it was love at first sight for me. i just had to have one. you are so lucky to get one still. i think it was fate. totally worth eating baked beans till the end of the year ;-)

    ps: the black one has the zip pocket because it came out later for the PreFall'06 collection. they realized that people won't necessarily use the shoe bag just for shoes. but the blue is still my fave.

  7. it is really more of lust at first sight. i am going to use it for work, hope it will last, and i won't get stares from strangers thinking why i am using my mum's bag!

    weather report says it will rain tomorrow, so off into the dustbag it goes.

    it would be great if the blue comes with a zip, so much more functional.

    no more random wandering into vuitton, its dangerous

  8. Congrats on yet another gorgeous bag! I think I saw the red shoe bag here in Singapore a few weeks bag. I love the leather! Very nice. And I am sure you can carry it well:-) It's a basic should not pose any problems. you just need getting used to.

    Baked beans till end of the year...awww...Bags over beans.:-)I can are a bag addict just like me.:-)

    All this LV posts is making me see another side of the brand. It's so well made, all their full leather bags! nice pics that you have taken!

  9. Gorgeous bag u got there!In fact,Louis Vuitton in Takashimaya Sg hv the black tobago shoe bag and the red Tobago Carryall bag available.So bagaholicboy,u may go n check it out.

  10. It is lovely and since it is from the Tobago line you can't go wrong. Baked beans is worth it! ;)

    Takashimaya? I really doubt it, how updated is your information? I should really just make a trip there again...

  11. yes, LV is dangerous. its worse than smack! =P don't worry about stares. most of them is out of awe and admiration anyway hehehehe... i think the inner grey linig with the chain pattern is my fave part of the bag. i wish they'd use this again, but more on the outside like they did with the Ouvea bags.

    oh and Kevin, there's more to LV than Monogram Canvas you know ;-) have look at their other ranges - especially the runway items - you can't but LoVe LV!

  12. Mr Duck you should be on Louis Vuitton's payroll! ;)
    Or get many free bags from them at least...

  13. hey, thanks for the comments! just got to work, weather forecasted to be rainy, so it's still in the dustbag heh

    so takashimaya still have the bag? see something's wrong.. are they releasing the bags? if yes i am really looking forward to the carpet bags (did i just say that?!)

    and i was drooling over deluxeduck's bags over the weekend. and i need to do whatever he's doing for a living!

  14. Yeah me too, I wonder what he works as! Mr Duck do share!

    Oh yes they do, they have the red carryall and the black shoe bag and I told them to keep both for me till I go down this weekend. They said ok. Than someone else calls me and asks me if I want both of them because another customer is asking about them. I wonder who can it be. Such a coincidence.

    Kevin is it you?

  15. actually i am thinking of the black shoe bag now, i think its more manly and discreet.

    but when i told the SA i wanted blue, i said "if i am spending £1000 on a bag, i don't want it to be discreet :s "

    oh can tell me how much sg sells the black shoebag? its GBP1020 here...

  16. If I remember correctly, both are about SGD3200 each. Is the black shoe bag nice? Or should I just get the Carryall in red? Decisions, decisions...

  17. i really like the black, i spent 2 hrs in the shop preening in front of the mirror trying to decide between the blue and black.

    the black has silver hardware, and the printing/trimmings are in dark brown, hence isn't very obvious against the black background. but it is good if you want to be discreet. the very good thing about the black bag is that they put a zipper inside, which makes it very practical.

    i also tried the red carryall in geneva. the red is gorgeous, and very practical with 2 pockets on the side. but i am rather tall at 6ft and it looks kinda girly when i carry a red bag that size. but it is very spacious.

    i always trust my first instinct. go with yours!

    so eggciting!!

  18. So the bag has a big flap on the inside instead of a zip? Pretty strange since a zip seal the bag much better.

  19. as the bag was originally meant for shoes, it would need 2 zips running pararell or a zip which goes round the bag to fully cover the bag. or to make the bag taller so they can zip it up.

    i like the flap, it's pretty unusual :)

  20. Hi bagaholicboy....

    I wish it was me asking about the tobago bags:-(...Grrr...I am too late. 2 guys beat me to it...namely you and the mystery guy. hahahah. Maybe he is lurking amongst us, reading Joseph's blog entry and secretly calling the LV store.:-P Show yourself whoever you fights amongst us, civilised adults. Hahaha.Maybe just arm wrestle to see who gets which bag:-)

    Seriously, I am off limits to bags for time being. I spend another chunk of money for clothes at the Club 21 sale.

    I can only drool. I may go down to the LV store to see what's left tommrorow. I seriously like the idea of getting my initials hotstamp on the tag. That is way cool!

    Joseph, congrats again on another good bag investment!

  21. Hmm, I am actually holding on to both bags now. I did tell them that I can't make it till the weekend as I am very busy with work this week and they promised to keep them for me till I see them and decide.

    Let's see if they really do. I have my doubts though. I will take it as it comes, but now I am leaning more towards the black shoe bag. The red carryall could be too small for me, I am 1.78m afterall. Joe sorted me out! ;)

  22. you must be a very good customer, they are willing to keep it for 6 days for you!

    i chose the black bag over red purely based on color. i think size wise it's the same?

    i am also thinking of bringing my bag back for them to hot stamp my initials on the back of the bag. they didn't wanna do it initially as they're afraid of burning the leather, but i said i will go back with my red luggage tag to show them it can be done. i think that will make it more personal :)

  23. Me? Neh, I am no VIC. I just think I got lucky because I rang them and asked them first. I think the shoe bag is taller (could you give me the measurements?), but the carryall is longer. Personally I would prefer my bags to be taller. But the red is nice.

    Geez, I am doing it again. I really have to go down and just pick one!

  24. according to ebay sellers: 12.6" x 14.1" x 7.1"

    i think we have just sparked a tobago revival here. vuitton needs to share commissions with us as we helped to shift old stocks!

  25. oh by the way you can see detailed pics of the black bag here:

  26. We should just all MSN, this is becoming a very long chat session! ;)

  27. Found your site through Kevin and I adore it. Would you like to exchange links?



  28. i wouldn't heat stamp anything directly on the bag if i were you. just in case. the only thing i get stamped are luggage tags.

  29. thanks carl, i added a link :)
    the vuitton pre fall pics are making me stab myself continuously...

  30. Joseph, to personalise is a great touch. But you have to ask them to give you assurance that they do a good job! And the initials will look properly aligned, not slanted in any way!

    yes, we should all do msn. this chat is getting too long. and revival of the togabo bags, all thanks to Joseph. ANd bagaholicboy. hahaha! LV should thank you both!

    The new prefall pics are nice. that bag looks nice, but too basic that it can come out of any luxury brand.

    But details make the difference. So have to see it up close to judge that better.:-)

    Bagaholicboy, happy shopping on saturday! I like the keepall personally. It's stunning in red and size is perfect for everyday use!

  31. your SA had a pretty good reason not to allow heat stamping on the bag directly. the leather is thin, it might burn a hole right through it. they can do it on the luggage tag because it has at least double layer of leather. if you still take your bag in and they still say no, DO NOT INSIST.

  32. oh my, that is sooo pretty!!! the leather looks very very very yummy!


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