Wednesday, 25 June 2008

norway in a nutshell

this time tomorrow i should be in norway (booo, rainy norway)! i need to escape to norway to hide from my credit card creditors, and also to avoid the shops. virtually the whole of london is on 50% off!

we are doing norway in a nutshell, where it takes us through some of norway's most beautiful fjord scenery. we will take the scenic bergen railway, the breathtaking flåm railway, the aurlandsfjord, the narrow naeroyfjord (now included on UNESCO's world heritage list) and the steep hairpin bends of stalheimskleiva! no idea what those are right now but i will in... 24 hrs time?

the scenery's breathtaking, i can't wait! back in a few days!


  1. OMG you'll be here!!! Those fjords are really amazing. Have a great time!

  2. i am really looking forward to it, been stressful at work can't wait to go out and enjoy myself

    i hope the weather will be good. current forecast rain in bergen and more rain in oslo :'(

  3. Have a great holiday!:-) It's beautiful!

  4. Oh my god, Norway isn't the most fun place to be in. But make the most of it! I've been to Oslo and Kristiansand and it was like ok...the nature is cool, but still very Swedish:ish for me...ha ha ha. that sounded stupid!

    Have fun!


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