Sunday, 8 June 2008

vintage hermes jige portfolio

8th june 2008 15:08 edit: i bought it! i decided to get it because:

- i played good samaritan and last night i stayed with a girl who collapsed by the side of the street because she had a panic/asthma attack. i waited till she was slightly better and walked her for a distance before heading off

- i played fillial son and said i will contribute half of my mum's air ticket to japan

- this vintage portfolio is made in the year i was born

- i will actually use it often as it is practical (i can't carry a luggage bag to work can i?!)

- life is short, what the heck.

my only grumble: no dustbag nor box. but i can live with it.

so exciting!!!!!


i stayed home to avoid the shops, but online shopping is evil. i found this vintage hermes jige pouchette from a trusted online seller. it's dark blue marine in box calf leather. measures 13.3"(34cm) x 10.3"(26.5cm) x 1.2"(3cm). it shows signs of a little wear, but still in fantastic pristine condition. i really like it, and it's perfect for work as i can throw in my ipod, wallet, coin pouch, key pouch, staff pass, magazine and scarf. best of all, it's going for US$773.

oh dear i really really like it. but there are too many things i want to buy right now. it's 2:24am now, i shall sleep over it. oh dear, should i or should i not?


  1. Noooooo...Joseph...stick with the plans! Dun distract yourself from your sale shopping plans! hehe

  2. but none of the things i wanted to buy is on sale anyway, like the monogramouflage keepall, goyard majordome, ysl f/w 08 coat.

    i can do without the paint splattered shoes or the dollar bill wallet

    dilemmmma. there's another jige pouch in red in a slightly better condition, they're selling it for US$1500!


  3. it looks great and i like the colour. the price is good too. go for it!

  4. i am currently trolling TPF for info etc
    based on the stamp on the inside of the pouch, this was made in the year i was born. i am really exciting!

    am also reading on how to restore and waterproof box calf leather.

    i am very tempted...

    trolling ebay now...

  5. i meant to say "i am really excited"
    not that narcisstic to say i am exciting lol

  6. i kinda wished you didn't. i actually want it for myself. but congrats!

  7. i take that as a compliment then hehe
    here's another one they have on the site in red. i like this one too, the condition is better, but price is doubled.

  8. Congrats Joseph, at least you invested in a piece of classic that will last you for a long time and it's Hermes! what else could be better! and made in the year you were born? Cool. then it is fated you should own it:-P

  9. from now on its baked beans till.... sept??

  10. haha, congrats again! it is lovely! :)


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