Thursday, 3 July 2008

cheap thrills

it's been a slow and boring day at work, what do you do? surf blogs and get alerted to cheap thrills at!

i bought a khaki nylon holdall, reduced from £10 to £7!

and a pair of canvas loafers for £25!

cheap and cheerful! and when you key in code "donnasandra" you'll get 10% off the bill. even more reasons to be cheerful!

ok now back to work....


  1. For us when we visit some blog site our main objective is to ensure that we will be entertained with this blog.

  2. Gomen kudasai.

  3. Ha ha ha great buy! Funny how they always have the same poses.

  4. with so many items they've ran out of poses!

    cheap thrills! you bought the silver shoe yet?

  5. no cause I have to wait until after my sisters wedding! So freaking costly, I wanna look good at the event. So I'm getting a pair of braided leather loafers from Italy. So nice, then I will get the silver shoes!

  6. I like the canvas loafers! It's interesting:-P never seen one made of canvas:-)

    BTW, this 'lotto results guy' is irritating. He leaves basically the same comments on my blog as in yours. I think he is a dork.Wonder why stupid people have so much time on their hands:-P

  7. Ha ha ha. He hasn't been on my blog yet...and thank the karma god for it!

  8. goods things at good price. In france, everybody talks about "pouvoir d'achat" and you have found a solution. To be well dressed with few money!

  9. i think that lotto results comments are auto spam, no?

    awaiting package to be delivered to me now, tracking status: london bridge. very near!

    the wonders of next day delivery!

  10. you should add a word verification to your comments page.

  11. I think it is auto generated. It's really boring the kind of things he wrote. very funny. Makes no sense and in poor grammar.

    yes, a comment moderation or word verification will solve the problem:-)



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