Thursday, 17 July 2008 further reductions further reductions. free shipping in the UK!

my picks (no i didn't get them but i thought those were great):

1. burberry prorsum black finest quality leather bag with adjustable, removable shoulder strap. two rolled leather handles. gold hardware throughout. slim bag H: 18",L: 15" D: 1", 100% leather. WAS £594.00, NOW £248.00

2. prada brown suede rounded toe trainer style shoes. stitched sections, with lace up section along front. 100% leather upper. WAS £230.00, NOW £98.00. sizes 41 through to 43.5 still available!

and if you key in code "matches123" you will get an extra 15% off (rather than 10% code above).

and i succumbed and bought two pairs of shoes.



  1. sale sale's hard to resist! I know the cannot stop. You are 'saving money' by buying the items at a good discount....I keep telling myself...maybe that is how all members of the baked beans club think.:-)

    What shoes have you bought?:-)

  2. Oh I saw the burberry bag yesterday while surfing the site...had wanted to buy that...but I dun really fancy sav I resisted...but it's so cheap...I almost succumb to temptation. Buy first think later...which often I commit this mistake. wanna go rehab together?:-P

  3. that bag is lovely, i tried it at the shop a while ago. but it is not for me now heh

    i bought... well you shall know when i get them hehe


    rehab Rehab REHAB!!

    ok i got to go sleep now and wake up bright and early to report for work and do well to keep my job!

  4. Yea. should work real hard in order to stay in baked beans club.

  5. thanks for the code

  6. glad the code worked for you. i bought stuff used the code and order wasn't processed heh

  7. Hi!
    Is there any other shop online that sells burberry prorsum bags (except matchesfashion and burberry itself ...)?
    Thank you!


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