Monday, 21 July 2008

men in balenciaga 04

following on previous "men in balenciaga" posts one two & three, here are more men in various states of balenciaga-ness.

previously seen at bryanboy's site, here's japanese fashion journalist and consultant yu masui in one of the spring/summer 2008 silk armoured top:

and here's yu masui again in a stunning fall/winter blazer and jodhpurs (i couldn't find a bigger pic anywhere arghhh):

then there's koji wang (from HK?) which got me all stunned and surprised in post one, here wearing another spring/summer 2008 outfit (and he got that balenciaga courier bag i wanted so badly!!):

and he wore the C3PO LEGGGGGGINGS!!!!!

well, at least the men looked decent in balenciaga women's frocks. even louboutin heels can't save the day. le sigh



  1. Oh my, that Koji Wong is a true balenciaga worshipper. He had all the key runway pieces from the women's range. That c3po look great on the models, but unfortunately, I dun think a guy can pull that off as well since you need really wafer thin legs to do that. As for the flower's interesting, if someone has the guts to pull that off. That girl in the flower dress..oh my...what is she trying to do. It's like a hippo doing ballet. You know what I mean. Blasphemy to the balenciaga devotees.:-P

    The school boy look is somehow the best for gender bending.

    Nice posts!

  2. that is ashanti, who was seen wearing 2 balenciaga dresses in 1 day at 2 seperate events. i cried so hard, balenciaga women's wear is like... sacred!

    koji and yu are both petite and can squeeze into the tiny sizes. i am somewhat jealous, but i also like my 6ft frame. duhhhh

    i need more men in balenciaga pics

  3. Did you notice that he was in Balenciaga fitting room, obvious purple floor & white wall ???!!! So he could wear anything he want and take photos from the mirror, damn !! (-_-)"

  4. these men are so lucky. wondering when will i have my balenciaga moment...


what's he wearing?