Friday, 5 September 2008

louis vuitton "1995 lv cup" garment bag

le package from zurich

they squeezed it into a tiny box...

which when unfolded becomes this huge suit carrier

lined with cotton on the inside...

even the hanger bears the vuitton inscription

the classic vuitton zippers...

with a rubber whale covering the lock!

details on whale reads "1995 vuitton cup"

details of one of the side flaps

the garment carrier can be transformed into a duffel too

details on the front

details of the other side flap

when the sides are not buttoned down, it creates more space on the inside. just how big is this bag?

very biiiiig. it might sound surprising, but these are the only 3 vuitton items i've owned, all bought this year. the red tobago keepall 50 in may from geneva, the green taiga leather helanga in july from paris, and now the san diego sunset red garment bag in september from zurich.

final parting shot, with flash.

i took the pics in my room at night without flash, so quality isn't at it's best. this bag is HUMONGOUS. i don't know what i will do with it, but i am glad i bought it even as a collectors' item.

click here for more information and story behind the design of this bag.

louis vuitton "1995 lv cup" garment bag, bought from they have a very good selection of vintage and second hand items, which i highly recommend!

happy friday. & long live baked beans!


  1. such a lovely bag! congrats again ;)

  2. Nice pics! What camera you use?

    my auto Lumix camera can neevr get depth of field kinda effect for close ups.

    I love the whale lock and the hanger...the bag is giant!

  3. Nice collector's piece indeed! Congrats!

  4. wax: thanks :D

    kev: i use the leica digilux (which i think is similar to lumix?). i love the whale, and i can fit it with all LV locks! the bag is gargantuan. i can do a victoria beckham and climb out of le bag

    bagaholicboy: thank you!

    seriously i think this piece will sit nicely somewhere in the house collecting dust :x

  5. I can see now that you are firm believer of the adage that 'size indeed is everything'. You like them big huh?

  6. oh yes of course, the bigger the better lol ;)

    i think i need to stop looking at luggage bags and buy something i need for a change.

    i neeeed a work bag!!!

  7. i LurVe it!!! congrats BIG time! great photography, btw.

  8. WOO-HOO!!!!! i love it. congrats once again.

  9. lovely indeed..
    could you please tell me more websites such as , for online shopping?

  10. *
    im from greece btw
    and there arent many good things to buy here..

  11. thanks guys :D

    anon: you can try or for 2nd hand goods, or, for new products. all deliver internationally

    have fun shopping!

  12. Joseph, can't wait to see your victoria beckham out of the bag shot! Please do! Please do!


    Happy holidays and have a good time using all your luggage bags!

  13. hi! congrats on your latest purchase. LVoe it!

  14. that'a a nice piece eh... how much u got it for? im from Singapore.... are there few pieces available for purchase still?

  15. hi anon,

    i got this bag from a second hand shop based in switzerland, costs slightly less than US$800. the lv cup series are rather rare, so you might need to search a bit for it.

    here's a lv cup duffel in blue from the 1992 series:

    happy shopping!

  16. very chic.
    where can i get this too?
    thank you!

  17. hi anon, i would suggest trying second hand shops, or sites like or

    happy shopping :)

  18. Hi!
    Do you know if has something as a SALE or sale discount or reduction or something like that with a code (as oki-ni offers too...) ???
    Thank you!

  19. anon: i've not heard of discount codes for luxury-shops. they do have seasonal reductions on certain items, just got to keep checking their site really.

    happy shopping :)

  20. Yes i know.
    But a really discount on all items i have never found (only on selected).

    And is there again a discount and code for OKI-NI?
    Thank you!

  21. Hi,
    I love this bag and I was wondering if you would consider selling it or know where I might find another one like it. You would help me out a lot if you knew of where another one is!! :)
    Thanks....L If you are willing to sell I can send you my email and we could go from there.

  22. I have the same bag still new. Whats your offer let me i will consider the best offer. Used by a favourite french actor.

  23. just found your post - thanks for mentioning us (luxury-shops) in your blog - keep to spread the word :) regards


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