Tuesday, 28 October 2008

balenciaga on yoox.com

above: balenciaga sweater from yoox.com, £264
below: pic from men.style.com. original retail price around £450

i've probably posted this too much and too often, but my cries were heard and wishes came true (sorta)! a reader kindly alerted me that my favouritest balenciaga sailor knit sweater has appeared on yoox.com! but this is what happens when you spend 12 hours at work with no access to gmails: you missed the listing and the sweater was sold huuuhhuu. but it was a size XL anyway. twice i saw it on ebay and it was XL too. i can almost smell it now, so close! i need a size L!! people, your 00o00 needs you! (now sing!)

also new this week on yoox.com is the "2 in 1" sweater t-shirt. oddly, yoox.com priced the sweater at £305 when the original price of the sweater was about £215 (i did get mine at harrods at 40% off during the winter sale :D). what i really like about the sweater is the attention to the neckline: the striped pullover on the inside was made to peek out in an asymmetric way. at time of posting, sizes S, M and L are still available. shhhhh a size M can also be found on diabro.net for US$382 !

also making it's way to yoox.com today is the lilac striped shirt, which was posted a few days ago by some very random blogger. yoox.com priced it at £198, i got mine from harrods at full price for about £139.

interesting pricing, but nonetheless eggciting!!

i heart balenciaga
i heart yoox.com!

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  1. Good luck on your search for the sweater!

  2. Hi!
    Can you - as a "balenciagista" - tell me where i can get these wonderful gloves of balenciaga?
    (Online or stores in europe).
    Thank you!

  3. anon: am certainly not a balenciagista lol! i would say try the balenciaga stores for the gloves. i've not seen balenciaga gloves myself, but if it really has to be balenciaga i would suggest brownsfashion.com, matchesfashion.com, yoox.com, or harrods harvey nichols and selfridges in london.

    good luck :)

  4. Hi!
    Thank you but they don´t have.
    If you see some pair of it let me know.
    And please if the striped sweater is again on ebay or yoox:
    ANNOUNCE it on your blog!!!
    I would buy it in XL...

  5. Are you truly a Balenciaga size Large? By the photos I'd imagine you're a size Medium at the most.

  6. david: you are right, in that pic above i was wearing a size M balenciaga shirt. they do odd sizing really: i wear size M for shirts (with 4 christmas dinners now i need L!), size L for sweaters (usually a M for other labels) and size 50 for coats (usually size 48 for other labels!).

    hit me up if you know of balenciaga goodies going up for sale!

  7. that lilac striped shirt fits you well


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