Tuesday, 21 October 2008

balthazar getty and his vuitton keepall

he is 33 years old, a billionaire, has a fit body, wears a cool strippy sweater, spots really sexy grey hair, doesn't look tacky carrying a monogrammed keepall, and best of all he has the coolest name of them all. i don't know which should i be more jealous of.

loving the hand luggage. i quote from GQ "it's not what you do but how you look doing it."

ok seriously now. a man should look like a man and he is mighty fine. i want to be like him when i am 33. billionaire or not is another matter :x



  1. he's only 33? I thought he was much older with all those grey hairs.

    I love Brothers and Sisters. Luke MacFarlane is gorgeous. I'd want a boyfriend like that.


what's he wearing?