Wednesday, 1 October 2008

biker d00o00d

here's uber danish model mathias lauridsen sulking in H&M and YSL's wool biker jackets. did he have a feeling of deja vu when the pics were taken?

the YSL green wool/felt jacket was a winner for me. it looks amazing and is a joy to behold when i saw it up close. the stunning jacket retails for about £750 now.

what's amazing is that H&M managed to come up with a watered down version, in a safe color and astoundingly affordable price that is guaranteed to get them flying off the racks. i've tried on the jacket, it is very heavy and like most of H&M's stuff, it is crumpled as they tried to cramp as much clothes into a rail as possible. i've seen someone wearing it on the streets already. it doesn't fit me very well, and to be honest at £19.99 it is a bargain. you get the look, but i doubt one will get the feel. if i can be really honest, even mathias can't make the H&M version look good.

still stumped by the price of the H&M biker jacket. but it's all or nothing for me.

source: H&M/YSL


  1. tried the H&M. I looked like I was swimming in it.

  2. it looked huge on mathias! The YSL is immpeccable.

  3. YSL of course, but occasionally, the H&M works too

  4. i've always loved mixing menswear (especially outerwear) into my wardrobe and that green jacket has got me lusting.

    i feel like h&m's version is a bit too generic, too safe. but i guess they are aiming at a wider market.

  5. the green jacket is just oolala! fingers and toes crossed it will go on sale soon!

    H&M is ok, i've bought some really nice pieces from there. but that jacket is really rather safe and generic.


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