Tuesday, 7 October 2008

the blue lotus

when in belgium we buy belgian. this is hergé's classic tintin collection, published in english for the first time, in the original color edition that first appeared over 50 years ago. this hard cover edition is more expensive than one of those 3 stories in 1 tintin books. i had great fun reading it on the way back from antwerp to brussels, and from brussels to london.

trivia pursuit: tintin is created by belgian comics writer hergé and although widely and affectionately addressed as "tin-tin", the young detective should be addressed in french as "tahn-tahn", as in louboutin as "loo-boo-tahn".

potatoes poetahtoes. it's still great to relive those childhood memories.


  1. oh i love tin-tin (or tahn-tahn, whatever) i remember going to the library as a kid and borrowing all of them over and over again just to read them, even though i already knew how they ended


  2. i grew up reading Tin-Tin and Asterix. i love them!!!

  3. I love ...'tahn' both the comics & the fabulous shoes... loving your blog!

  4. i would spend many hours in the grade school library reading tintin. i love all his adventures!


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