Thursday, 23 October 2008

"comme des garcons x H&M" collaboration

the preview pics were long on the web, but today marks the official pics release of the highly anticipated "comme des garcons x H&M" collaboration. previous designers alumni for H&M include karl lagerfeld, stella "why no menswear?!" mccartney, viktor & rolf and roberto "why did H&M chose him??" cavalli.

to be very honest, i am rather lukewarm to this collection. not particularly a big fan of comme des garcons but i am somehow drawn in by the hype. i even applied for 2 tickets to the special pre-sale and preview party (free champers and canapes, why not?!). anyway, here is a small selection of the menswear collection that i rather like, all prices in GBP:

my favourite piece from the collection, loving the white stitching around the button holes

l00o00ving the deconstructed shirt!!! i need!

classic plain shirts in a myriad of colors

loving the shoes!

looking like the cdg wallets they do every season, but this one retails for £39.99

cdg itself released a string of highly unusual yet covetable fragrance range. this one with H&M retails for 19.99

good news: official launch of the collection is thursday 13th november. i have 2 tickets to the special (ok still in the mail...) preview party on the night before, and guests can start buying then! the tickets also allow us 25% off storewide, on non cdg items of course!

bad news: i cannot be there! *b00o00*. i was just informed that i would be going on a business trip for 3 weeks starting 1st november! (what credit crunch??)

huuhhhuh. but i did promise my friends to give them the tickets in return they help me get some stuff! now comes the hardest part. what should i get....



  1. CdG isn't really my style, but im loving the deconstructed and polkadot shirts.

  2. Go get all the items you posted... hehehe But if you have to choose, get the deconstructed shirt and trench coat with white buttonhole. These are timeless pieces with a twist!....C.

  3. too bad you cant be at the pre-launch party :(
    Where do you go for 3 weeks ? ... maybe you will be able to spot a local H&M there ?

  4. how does one "apply" for preview tickets???

  5. dd: yea that's the thing, i am not really into cdg but felt i am missing out if i didn't!

    cocoy: i love the trench, might just ask my friend to get one

    msa: am going away to a place far far away with no H&M *booooo*

    kiks: there was a link at previously where one can apply for tics. i got notified that i will get 2 but i still haven't received any! maybe i'm counting my eggs before they're hatched!

  6. fantastic blog !! lovin your vision

  7. in the UK or internationally?

  8. Hi Jospeh, lucky at least have H&M near where you are and friends who can get you the great looking stuff! Why isn't this collection launched when I was there! Grrr.....

    I love the deconstructed shirt. Perfecto!

    Happy Biz trip!


  9. kiks: vogue uk, but don't think they have the link anymore...

    kev: fly to HK :P
    dammit can't believe i am missing out bahhh

  10. Thanks for ruining my economy. That trench coat looks hot. Now I feel forced to buy it. Let's hope that it doesn't fit me when I try it out of thursday because then I can save some money.

  11. The menswear looks so much better than the womenswear. I love that deconstructed shirt, and the trench reminds me of a Dior one a guy I know paid A LOT more for.

  12. I needed to have the deconstructed shirt - and now i have three of them.
    You are GUILTY!
    First i wanted to know how it is made then i fell in love with it.
    Totally sold out in germany...

  13. anon: you have 3??!! i am jealous, i totally missed out because i am still on a business trip and there's no H&M here :(

    you have a spare size M to sell at non inflated prices? :P

  14. Oh i have bought three in size L for me (and it fits as a size L)and i have only one in size M.
    If you are interested mail me (
    I can open an auction on british ebay or you can pay by paypal without ebay - you decide.
    It is the blue one (not the dark blue or black) deconstructed shirt.
    As i said: You are guilty!


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