Monday, 13 October 2008

fake margiela sweater on ebay

while trawling ebay for my favourite balenciaga fall 2007 sweater, i came across this monstrosity and it is my civil duty to inform you of this fake "margiela" sweater:

some people have no shame. some people don't even bother to research and label the sweater correctly. it's balenciaga, not margiela. and that is such a cheap ass fake. seller's location states "hong kong" too. seller is selling it for US$40. seller has 100% positive feedback. seller is a "power seller" on ebay too!!!??


this is the real's all or nothing. please don't buy or support fakes.


  1. call 911 and the fashion's police!!!
    and if you sell your sweater, you're welcome ;-)

  2. that sweater is not mine, it is a picture from ebay.

    i am still looking for this sweater!

  3. looks good though. The black buttons are cool. So with the different buttons, it's not entirely a rip off.

  4. It is so easy to get scammed on E-Bay.Unless you know what you're looking at,if the price seems to be absurdly low, then you are a sucker about to be separated from your money!


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