Monday, 13 October 2008

H&M v forever 21 v balenciaga

following on previous post about fake-ass balenciaga sweater on ebay, here's another one, although these are genuine H&M and forever 21 articles. so inspiration or imitation?

H&M dress, pic from

gradient striped dress with emblem details from forever 21

the very much missed gemma ward in balenciaga autumn winter 2007 sailor knit jumper. (hmm even supermodels have bad skin days...) pics from

seriously it's all or nothing. i've blogged so much about this jumper. someone hook me up with the men's version already! the house of balenciaga, mr ghesquiere, la maison du balenciaga, monsieur ghesquiere, can you hear my cries??!!


  1. hey comme des garcon had a similar one too except there is a heart logo on the front. They made theirs like 2 years ahead of balenciaga. Well imitation is the greatest form of flattery. There isn't really anything we as end consumers can do except to not buy it. In hoping the demand reduces and the supply therefore will eventually stop. :D

  2. lvmh employee hmmm, whereabouts heh?

    i think i know which comme des garcon sweater you're talking about. that one has even stripes, whereas balenciaga's had graduated or gradient stripes.

    i am still looking for that balenciaga sweater!


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