Sunday, 19 October 2008

is it spring yet?

i spent the afternoon watching the vuitton menswear show, and i've resisted it for the longest time as i don't want the spring shows to spoil the winter for me (i've considered winter to be a write off, shopping that is). the crisp pale palettes at the start of the show, the laid back soundtrack, the absense of the monograms, those really practical yet smart shoes with rubber bases, and of course those bags. it's a no wonder i am loving the above 2 keepall-like bags. i can see pockets on either side and a shoulder strap attached! so the question is brown suede (or alcantara-like material), or classic black calf leather? or more importantly, will this be put into production?

even more importantly, will we still be in gainful employment come spring?!

somewhat importantly, now that the new bond street store is closed for renovations for the forseeable future, will that tiny store in knightsbridge carry the full selection of accessories?

the things i think about on a sunday afternoon to get my knickers in a twist. ok excuse me while i go check on my hearty ale and pork joint stew which has been simmering for the past 2 hours. my humble effort to eat out less and combat this kellogg's coco credit crunch.



  1. hm i say go w/black
    iono i just feel like w/black it'll just go well w/everything regardless
    but w/brown you kinda gotta be picky on wat it goes w/ but them again that could just be me


  2. i've got my eye on the beige suede myself.

  3. Is it just me or does the 2nd image look like SC's bag for LV as well?

  4. looks very similar, but her's is more Keepall than Papillon. and i think the SC bag's zip go halfway down the sides like the Stephen or Speedy Cube.

  5. I like the suede version! ANd it's in a good size that is perfect for daily use:-)

    Dun worry too far into the future. Live the moment and just plan enough ahead to not let the uncertainties hinder you:-) Stay smiling!


  6. yea i am kinda liking the suede version too, we have really similar tastes mr duck!

    the black does look a tad like SC's bag, which would be released around the same time i think

    yes live for today!

  7. i realy like the suede big papillon too, one of the best S-S 09 men bag.

  8. msa: i love the suede bag too, will definitely check it out when it arrives in store :)


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