Wednesday, 15 October 2008

john mayer and his monogramouflage keepall

the effortlessly cool john mayer with (my very much wanted) the vuitton monogramouflage keepall. i heart very much.

previous monogramouflage keepall alumni include:
chris brown
kobe bryant


  1. damn! i'll be one of your blog readers... not just that I found out that john mayer, one of my favorite singer, is on men's fashion too!!!

    damn! hahah i'll be putting your site on my blogroll !!

  2. john mayer is hot and so is the keepall!

  3. i think i want one too. you should take this as a sign to finally buy YOUR Monoflage Keepall. forget that overpriced - albeit beautiful - LV Cup Sac Marin since you already have the garment bag. GO! GO! GO!

  4. that sac marin bag is way overpriced, and so is that new igloo scarf at £500!!!!! did you see that?! it must be spun with gold threads

    the camo keepall is too big for daily use but i still want it. i can't justify getting it. maybe 2nd hand from kobe or john or someone who regretted it :x

  5. i agree, the Igloo scarf is too expensive. it would've been nicer it it wasn't monogram though.

  6. Dear Joseph,

    Go get the Monogramouflage will derived such pleasure after having 'celibate' it for such a long while:-P It will be an 'orgasmic satisfaction':-P



  7. horrrible horrrrrible!
    but i like a lot.

    nah i will wait for ss09

  8. i didn;t like it when it first came out, but i'm starting to love it and think about getting the speedy :p
    this keepall would be great if i wasn't a girl, 5'4" and merely 42 kg :(


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