Tuesday, 7 October 2008

kiehl's x brad pitt

kiehl’s and actor brad pitt launched a beauty care product that is 100% biodegradable. socially commited, kiehl’s created a biodegradable cleansing body product “aloe vera”, certifying the formula has a minimum impact on the environment and optimizes recycling, creating an “eco-performant” product. 100% of profits will go to the jolie pitt foundation 'eco systems', a charitable foundation created to develop global environmental initiatives.

made with a minimum of ingredients, this body care product is both smooth and active. brad pitt himself gave the final touch to the bottle by handwritting a message and his autograph.

Eur19.50, from colette! i want one!!


  1. oh la la aloe vera. i want one too! but now i'm loving the Rituals products, which i first discovered in amsterdam. glad that london has a store (St Pancras Station) so i just had to go there when i was in town last august. :)

  2. i wanted one too, but i think currently it's only sold in colette...


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