Thursday, 16 October 2008

louis vuitton ouvea and graffiti keepalls

i have an unhealthy obsession with vuitton's keepalls. the keepalls are synonymous with luxury, style and travel. we pay an arm and a leg for these because they are really well made and will last a lifetime if properly taken care of. i love my keepall and frequently take them out of the dustbag to preen and pose in front of the soon-to-crack mirror. too big for daily use and too luxurious for budget airlines travelling, hence my keepall is as pristine as ever.

the spring summer 2006 ouvea keepall can be purchased here for US$2,499.

the 2001 stephen sprouse for vuitton graffiti keepall can be purchased here for US$2,599.

i heart both very very much!


  1. can you believe the graffiti Keepall originally retailed for $800 US-Dollars?

    if my mum wouldn't have turned away from Vuitton in the mid 90's, we would have so gotten it.

  2. seriously, $800?! huuhhhuuhh *wails*

    i thought it looked really distasteful and rude back then, but what do i know. i want it so bad now!

  3. Actually saw a Monogram Canvas Graffiti Keepall at a reseller's shop in Macau when I was there, and it was retailing for around SGD2000.

  4. the Ouvea is my #1 fave pattern from LV so far. i love the retro look of the chains which is slightly subtle and very different. i always get a kick out of using my Ouvea Carryall since it looks quite out of the ordinary. i wish they would use the chains again in other colours, materials and items. i wouldn't mind if they made it an entire new permanent line. i just love it!

    the Graffiti Keepall is still on my hit list. just waiting fo the right time and the right price for one.

  5. mr duck and myself both in the market for a reasonably priced graffiti keepall!

    yea i love the ouvea, very retro looking. too many things and too little money!

    including the camo keepall, that makes 3 keepalls on the wishlist :x

  6. I've heard that participating in the world's oldest profession can either leave with with a lot of money or lack thereof. Care to take a gamble? ;P

  7. woooowwww it WAS retailed for 800$????
    jeez, i would snatch one or even two right now with that price LOL

  8. is this really louis vuitton? check out my blog! xoxo


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