Thursday, 16 October 2008

louis vuitton sac marin travel bag

i am so in lvoe with this bag, the louis vuitton sac marin travel bag. made specially and in limited quantities for the 1995 vuitton cup event, the bag is made from their signature coated canvas with the vuitton cup monogram over it. the colours of this collection had been selected to evoke sunsets over the pacific in illuminating mahogany and polished copper tones. the sheen on the leather is protected by a special fabric treatment that ensures the goods can last thousands of miles of travel without a single crease appearing.

this bag is from the same collection as my garment duffel bag, but i am so loving the above bag as it seems more practical. mine's just... G-A-R-G-A--NT-UA---N! but i did get mine at less that 25% of this bag's asking price.

this amazing bag is available for US$3,499, or make the seller an offer here.

i am loving vuitton cup's merchandise!


  1. I love the rope strap! That's so interesting and befitting the theme of the collection.

  2. I have the messenger bag in red and also the large sac martin bag and I love them both!!! The whale locks are great!!!!!

  3. Hi, I saw this exact same bag you mentioned but selling at US$720. Condition is not brand new but do you think I should get it?

  4. US$720 is a good price, you just need to be certain it is a reputable seller and the article you're getting is genuine

    happy shopping :)

  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you think there's any resale value if I were to sell it later when I get tired of it? Also, what would be a good price to sell it for? Thanks.

  6. vuitton always have a good resale value in the market, but in terms of how much you can fetch would depend largely on quality of the bag, the condition, market demand etc. a lot of factors really. if you're thinking of selling it even before you buy it, it suggests you might not like it that much afterall heh.

    but that is a nice and unique bag nonetheless. hope you'll make the right choice

  7. Hi,

    Just want to let you know I bought this bag a couple of weeks back and it's indeed gorgeous! I have not used it yet and hope to travel overseas with it.

    You know what? I was actually enamoured with this bag from your blog and was estatic when I uncovered this gem at a store. Thanks alot!

  8. congrats! this is such a unique and limited piece, i love it so much too! i was secretly hoping i got this instead of my huge duffel!

    am so glad you got it, hope you have fun using it

    thanks for the lovely comment :)


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