Thursday, 2 October 2008

maison martin margiela exhibition at modemuseum, antwerp

when i was in antwerp, i visited the modemuseum which happened to stage an exhibition to celebrate the 20 years of maison martin margiela. it is a very interesting exhibition, almost like a retrospective, and it gives us a little more insight into the mysterious and cult label.

the souvenir shop/caravan sells limited edition dvd box set which chronicles the past few margiela shows, a limited edition book, as well as a limited edition "aids" tshirt with the colorway designed specially for the exhibition (grey letterings on khaki). this is my 10th margiela "aids" tshirt. all proceeds from sale of tshirt go to a french organisation for the research and fight against hiv/aids.

maison martin margiela exhibition at modemuseum, antwerp
12 sept 2008 to 8 feb 2009
entrance: eur6


  1. Mr. Hare will be in Antwerp Friday 10th so will definitely follow your lead and go to the Margiela exhibition. The Belgians have always been favourites of mine as they cut size 52 and 54 particularly well. Did you go to any good restraunts while you were there?

    Also have you been to the new Church's store in Regent Street.(I say new but I think they just gave the old store a good scrub and new carpet) I just bought some grey brogues yesterday and I only went in to get contact details for their PR.

    Anyway, your blog is marvelous, i love the Balenciaga jackets too.


  2. thanks mr hare!

    i only spent a day in antwerp, and didn't really eat at a proper restaurant when i was there. but mussels and frites can't go wrong!

    i saw the new church's store, nice but i don't frequent it really. churches is too sartorial for my liking, and too expensive ha!

    thanks for the nice comments! enjoy antwerp!

  3. Thanks for the Margiela Exhibition photos. I will find an excuse to visit next time I'm over.

    Margiela's constant return to the trenchcoat in his menswear is interesting. And how he opens his work to interpretation rather than steering you to a fixed conclusion (and look) is what puts him well ahead of most designers.

    Also agree with your comments on Balenciaga shown in Paris. Hope NG doesn't stray too far from the brilliantly cut blazers.


  4. thanks kor for the lovely comments. heard that margiela is considering retiring soon, and looking for a successor!

    love balenciaga, love margiela, love life!


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