Sunday, 5 October 2008

out & about

went out and about to get a long overdue haircut at toni & guys, did some window shopping then off to a cosy dinner with friends at a restaurant off new bond street. still reeling and suffering from shocks from the financial market crisis, i decided that sombre colors would be the best way forward.

1st layer: a few spritz of the very precious and now defunct helmut lang cuiron. i love love love the deep sensuous smell and it pains me to use it as it is very difficult to replace it now.

2nd layer: gap (red) organic cotton tshirt. very soft and comfortable.

3rd layer: slate blue ysl rive gauche cruise 2008 brushed cotton shirt/pullover. the cotton is so soft it's unbelievable.

ok i'm taking deep breathe here. 4th layer? gucci signature elasticated belt. i saw a really handsome guy at selfridges today in a bright blue trench coat, wearing a similar belt to me (his buckle is different). he's tres chic, hearts. i caught a few guys checking him out, he's that hot, and he knew it, that's even hotter. or hawt as paris hilton would say. (random i know)

5th layer: black, cream and grey wool scarf from gap. it really is cold out there!

6th layer: black brushed cotton coat from balenciaga spring 2007. the thing about cotton coats is that it crumples easily (unlike wool), so i never sit on buses/trains/restaurants with my coat on. crumpled coats do not look pristine. so i tell myself never to buy another cotton coat as it's high maintenance, but what do i know. i bought another one shortly after :x.

to combat the financial woes, i put on my well worn camoflauge gola trainers.

high kick, and i nearly sprained my bum doing that...

lacking suitable manbags and feeling inspired by chanel's spring summer 2009 show, i went out with a carrier bag stuffed with my wallet, keys etc. (ysl rive gauche if you must know). mmm actually that's how i've been going out for the past few months, i seriously need a weekend manbag!

2 more narcissistic looks ok?

and here's the nicer looking model from spring summer 2007 rocking the black coat. he must be really tall, the coat reached mid thighs whereas mine justabout touched the kneecaps, and i am not exactly short at 6ft!

p/s: took me a whole hour to get ready, listened to the killers on repeat mode
p/ss: and oh, i got caught in the rain after dinner. !@£$?^&*f±§


  1. lovin' those lips the most. lol.

    i got caught in the rain too on the way home from clubbing *@$#%^(!) and my ears are so frickin blasted.

  2. perhaps next time you could show your eyes or probabaly your nose.... --Cocoy

    p.s. love your outfit... why not be a stylist? just a thought...hehehe

  3. Cool look!

    Did you give your number to the cute guy?:-P


  4. BTW, those camo shoes seems like a great match to the monogramouflage keepall on the right side of your blog:-P *Devilish grin*

  5. man i have pussy lips :x

    thanks cocoy, but i don't think i can be a stylist, i only have a few styles :x

    kev: the cute guy totally ignored me, as usual ha.

  6. The HL Curion is really gone huh? I still have my empty yellowed bottle. Sigh. I want it back!

  7. hm... in there something in your pocket in the fifth picture? with the gap scarf? If not, I'm pretty sure you're quite 'hawt' yourself.


  8. apparently helmut lang created that scent to smell like leather. kinky!

    oh dear anon, that's the problem with fitted jeans (i don't even dare say skinny), hugs every curve :P

  9. Oh my...Joseph, your readers pay attention to 'every detail' in your pics...:-P hahaha

  10. cute, yet sexy lips!

  11. i think i fell in love with ya adam's apple. Hmmm.....

  12. joseph, you have a lot of fans! lol

  13. i love how you slipped in the fob sign in the one pic

  14. i was staring at my ysl paperbags for exactly 30 minutes deciding whether should i or should i not take it out as my weekender bag after seeing that chanel show haha. and that balenciaga coat would've made me looked like a flasher then since i'm only 5'7 i think. i like your style!!

  15. yes i do have a biiiiiigg apple, hmm :x
    thanks for the kind words hehe!


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  17. just bloghopped into ur blog. wow! nice!!!

    and i spotted that white tee u got on! is tat YSL? hehe!!


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