Sunday, 12 October 2008

out & about

the temparature in london these days is just like the share prices, up one minute and down the next. last week it was cold and windy, today it is sunny and warm. i decided that a lightweight wool jumper would keep me stress free and comfy all day. plus my friend is introducing us to someone new, best not go for something over the top.

excuse the well worn and shapeless organic cotton tee from gap, this is the softest tshirt ever and glides over the skin comfortably. then it's my helmut lang jeans circa the era when mr lang himself was at helm, which was when i was perhaps 25 and still svelte. perfectly acceptable to not do up top button, but only if it is a pair of button fly jeans.

then it's a navy blue merino wool jumper from balenciaga over the gap cotton tee. sailor moon is the theme, no? there is a hood like thing attached to the back of the sweater which i can never figure out how to wear it.

ok i do feel like a sailor now. but that thought never occurred to me when i bought it in january at the balenciaga shop in paris, i just loved the draped neckline details.

i feel like i should be wearing skinny jeans, but i am spring chicken no more.

finished off with my paul smith cloth sneakers. still chuffed that i am the only person to have this shoe as this is a one off sample which i bought from the paul smith sale shop.

i smelled of alessandro dell acqua's "man", listened to coldplay's "x&y" while getting ready, had japanese for dinner and picked up a copy of the evening standard magazine on the tube which i later read on a very crowded bus. it had a very interesting article about christopher bailey, and i love him to bits.

i hope for a glorious sunday, and a fantastic week ahead.


  1. Lovely lovely Balenciaga sweater! You always find the nice things!

    And the paul smith shoe...I am drooling.:-)

    Happy weekend!

    I am busy preparing for my upcoming trip to London:-) Leaving next Tuesday! Tips for shopping?:-P Where can I snag the best deals in town? Or there is no such thing in London? hahaha.

  2. hmmm, visit browns at south molton street, i think you will love it. it is just a few mins walk from selfridges.

    the paul smith sale shop at avery row is also a few minutes walk away from browns

    that is then also a few minutes walk away to new bond street, where you will find your favourites like d&g, jil sander etc.

    the flagship vuitton store at new bond street is currently under renovation, and won't open for another 6 mths to a year. the temp shop in new bond street is tiny and do not stock menswear. i recommend vuitton at knightsbridge sloane street.

    for high street shopping i recommend h&m, COS and reiss. all can be found at regent street.

    lanvin recently opened a new menswear shop at savile row

    visit marc jacobs at mount street, where you can pick up some of the "specials" featured on his website. balenciaga is a few doors down, but they don't carry menswear. but the futuristic shop is worth a visit.

    happy shopping! remember to claim tax back!

  3. Thanks for the tip Joseph! will note it down now:-P So sad the balenciaga store do not stock menswear. Oh well, anyways, I have nothing to buy from there. For that matter..not anywhere. I have limited budget.:-( I probably end up in COS and H&M more. hehe.

    Maybe we can meet for coffee or something:) and go shopping together. hahaha:-)

  4. Oh the Paul Smith sale shop sounds good! In bad times, sale sounds so G000000OOO00D!:-P

  5. oh i forgot, if you go to H&M's website, there's a link where you can click to register yourself on their mailing list. once done they will give you a one off 20% off all purchases. even better!

    the only places in london that stock balenciaga menswear are selfridges (oxford street), harrods (brompton street, knightsbridge), browns (south molton street, off oxford street) and matches (nottinghill)

    i am excited even typing this!

  6. just a silly question
    may i know y u took some movement pics recently ?
    if u think it's so stupid to ask just forget abt it !

  7. anon: no particular reason really, just felt like doing so

  8. Balenciaga! *drools i love that jumper!

  9. do you know of any places that sell balenciaga in the united states?

  10. anon: am not very sure about the US, but in NY you can find it at barneys, jeffreys, bergdorf goodman and of course their flagship stores

  11. Hi Joseph,

    I did my first round of shopping in London on Thursday. Went to Knightsbridge as it is near to hyde park and where I was staying for the previous night. Oh...Harrods..mega mega luxurious. And I also went to Harvey Nichols..which is easier to shop as they stock all the cool younger labels together. I wanted to check out Dsquared2 and I finally found them. DId not make any purchase from there yet...since I do not want to be carrying a super heavy luggage to my friend's place in Crowhurst which was 1.5hours from london. Will resume shopping exploration on Tuesday when I get back to London. So exciting. Must check out all the shops you mentioned:-P

  12. hi kev, glad you like london so far. i think the weather's been good as well. knightsbridge is always nice to shop, less crowded and selection's better.

    can't wait to see your reveal soon!

  13. Wow..! My brother got the similar designed organic cotton tee from Gap.


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