Thursday, 30 October 2008

packing and more packing

i am going away to philippines and singapore for a 3 week business trip. rather short notice and i've been working till late these days. but i made some tentative plans on how i can maximise my weekends there, so hopefully all is good. it's 1am now and i am too tired to continue. packing will resume tomorrow.

great things:
- it's going to be a 13hr flight and i am glad i am travelling business class!
- i get to see friends whom i've not seen for a while
- warmer climates (it's snowing in london yesterday! freaking october snow!!)
- 40kgs luggage limit. i can pack 189587584 pairs of shoes and 8968357 shirts
- chauffeur service! so i don't need to lugg everything around!

not so good thing:
- am leaving on friday night, and the secretary still hasn't confirmed my itinery and flights!!!

ok good night...


  1. singapore is now scorching HOT! less l/s, more s/s tops!

    (am already cursing and swearing at my end)

  2. Welcome home! Welcome back to the 'baking oven' of Singapore! Welcome to the retail heaven of Club 21! Welcome! Welcome!:-P

    hahaha. And you get to finally be near to all the bag bloggers of SG. Can buy you drinks! lol

  3. Go to Powerplant Rockwell and Greenbelt at the Philippines oh and Shangri-la too! High end shopping malls.

  4. wow! i would love to meet you in manila in the flesh and have a photo op with you...hehehe perhaps an autograph...

    I can drive and bring you to all the shopping mecca here in manila in exchange for a photo op...hahaha

    Welcome and Mabuhay!


  5. Joe you should really meet up with Kevin. See how excited you made him?

  6. Hi Bagaholicboy,

    hahaha:-) I make sure I will drag you with me if Joe decides to meet up:-)

  7. have a fab time in the Philippines and Singapore. someone must organize a "Baked Beans Boys Club" meet. post lots of pics. i look forward to the goodies you bring back to London =)

  8. you're going to the philippines?! have a fun time over there, do drop by greenbelt, rockwell and shangri-la plaza for your retail needs. :)

  9. Mind to tell me what's your occupation? Sounds so exciting! I am a graduate desperately looking for a job :(

  10. You're gonna love it here in Manila! If you wanna go shopping, you better drop by Greenbelt, Powerplant, Bonifacio High Street and Shangri-la Plaza.

    How long will you be staying in the Philippines? You might want to visit Palawan or Boracay too. ;)

  11. update at 18:47hrs at work:

    - still another 2-3 more hours to go, tons to do blah blah blah

    - flights finally got approved!

    - am staying at shangrila! next to greenbelt apparently!

    - still very broke :(

    ok back to work and more packing later..

  12. dude, snow in London? wow. it was 20°C here in Vienna today. save flight!

  13. greenbelt is one of the best. most high end mall. you'll really love it. Just one long strip of LV, Gucci, DKNY, Burberry, Blvgari and they opened Greenbelt 5 with Mark Jacobs, Zara, Adora (with Dior & D&g) etc. You'll really enjoy it here in the Phili!


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