Friday, 31 October 2008

packing round two!

packing and yet more packing. just how much or how little should you bring for a 3 week trip? big thanks to those who left me kind messages in the previous post, will check out the places you guys mentioned.

won't be able to check my personal emails for 3 weeks. if you need to write me love letters or send me money, leave me a comment on the post!

**** resist shopping temptation ****

& oh, happy halloweeeeen! am actually flying on halloween night! hope my baggage arrive at the same destination with me, or else that will be really scary...


  1. have a happy and safe flying. I have a strong feeling that you'll fail to resist shopping temps. So, look forward to goodies ya'll buy.

  2. love the luggage, it's lush. have a safe flight!

  3. Enjoy a good work trip! Travel in business class style:-P

  4. u've got such a great blog !! i adore it


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