Thursday, 23 October 2008

paul smith sample sale, london

i know where i will be this weekend! and i love it when my friend so artistically tore it off the newspaper and scanned it for me!

oh bummer. we are still in kelloggs koko kredit krunch


  1. Ooooh...Paul Smith Sample sale..I like! I was at the Paul Smith Sale Shop in Avery row. Love it! so Cheap! and the items are not exactly 'thrash' but things which you like and can purchase. I got a few things there without robbing a bank.

  2. Oh...and a big thank you for all the ehads up for shopping! I did follow you leads and found all the shops you mentioned. The balenciaga temple was brilliant. So chic. I almost want to get a weekender bag from there. Yum!

  3. no worries, hope you enjoyed london!

    i go to the sale shop rather often, it's a tiny gem around london!

    balenciaga's shop is amazing! did u drop by mj a few doors down? i have to stop going there because its so embarassing to go back so often for cheap thrills :P


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