Sunday, 5 October 2008

spring summer 2009

straight off the runway, roberto cavalli spring summer 2009. oh wait, this shit is from hermes???! as in the hermes that brought us the kelly and birkins? what's gaultier thinking, and more importantly, what the fish is naomi smoking??! those thunder thighs!

i love you naomi i really do, but don't let yourself go!


  1. Hahaha...the reign of the skinny legs is over. Here comes thunder thighs!

    Oh my...this trashy looks is from Hermes? I am laughing my jaws off....

  2. hmm if thunder thighs are in, i am so in fashion now!!

  3. thats your picture asshole. naomi is STILL all muscle!

  4. i can see her throwing her cell phone at me now...!

  5. No I've seen better quality versions of those pics - she is far slimmer than those pictures make one believe, your pics are a lil squashed in dimensions.

    And yes I also would expect this more from Roberto, Hermes should be about class - but I like the desert runway!


what's he wearing?