Saturday, 25 October 2008

thursday's child

the shoe shine guy came round to our office today, and i let him polish my well worn black gucci oxfords. i do polish my shoes every now and then (i'm a cheat to use liquid kiwi!), but it's nice to have him condition the leather and do it the old fashioned way. he's trying to make a decent living afterall.

a little luxury in a free falling economy. a little respect for my shoes


  1. Hello! I am trying to get some good quality shoe trees for my lanvin leather oxford. Any recommendation?

  2. HI, This is shoe is very beautiful. But I didn't find out which one as pictures?

  3. andy: if you want shoe trees made from wood, i suggest trying harrods (if you're in the UK), or indeed any decent shoe shop. i got mine from... ikea! cost a princely £2 per tree! i find it does the job well too!

    lau: thank you! the shoes were from 2007 so not available on gucci's site now. am sure there are some which are similar, these are classic looking, they won't change much year on year.

  4. Hey, yes I am from the UK. I searched on Ikea's website and only the plastic ones are available. I go to harrods quite often but I only hang around the menswear department because it is like a maze inside! I don't recall seeing an shoe trees there? Where are they?

  5. andy: they have shoe trees at the men's shoe dept on the ground floor. if you can wait, they almost always reduce it by half price during sale times.

    kurt geiger would have shoe trees too

    failing which, ebay!


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