Sunday, 26 October 2008

women in balenciaga men

not to be outdone by men wearing balenciaga women's collection, we now have women wearing balenciaga men's collection:

these leggy models were "cornered" outside the spring summer 2009 louis vuitton show by enthusiatic streetstyle photographers. i guess it's no surprise women were wearing balenciaga menswear, they have long been wearing the dior homme collection. just that menswear is already distributed in small quantities, and we now have to share too huuhhuuh.

here is the delicious looking punk showing how it should be done:

and some random blogger in the same coat:

"girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like their girls who do girls like their boys. always should be someone you really love" ~ blur



  1. Love the fact that fashion has no's individual.

  2. indeed, if one is confident, he/she will look good no matter what they wear :)

  3. its a great coat. no surprise it has crossed over.

  4. this is by far the best blogg for men i have ever read ! Please continue ! =D

    greetings from norway


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