Tuesday, 25 November 2008

25% discount at Harvey Nichols UK

it's all happening now, 5 weeks way before the usual post boxing day sales. it's going to be a scary weekend i think i might hide under my duvet instead.

but it's good for christmas presents shopping...



  1. Hi,
    do you think there will be more sale "action" after christmas? I'm planning to come to london "between the years".
    Thanks again.

  2. T: i think there will be further reductions after christmas, but whether there will be nice stuff post christmas that is another story. since stores are reducing their prices now, most of the common sizes and nice stuff will fly off the shelves before christmas.

    london is always worth a visit anyway. come on, your economy needs you!

  3. london should name this weekend 'temptation weekend'....so many sales!

    oh dear...will you be shopping?:-P sleeping it off is not going to help. hehe.

  4. May I know how did you get all these sales information? There is no need to print out this harvey nichols one I suppose?

  5. andy: no need to print out above, 25% storewide!

    kev: temptation weekend indeed! you should've been here a few weeks later!

  6. hiding under a duvet is useless. you should be put behind bars.

    But imagine all those unnecessary stuffsss you can buy for christmas. A reason to shop?

    Ahh, what a life.


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