Friday, 14 November 2008

celebrity sightings and then some

my colleagues were kind enough to take me shopping at greenbelt manila last sunday. while lounging around at the havaianas shops, i saw a very lithe lady walking in, and i was stretching my neck to check out if her vuitton bag was the real deal (similar to the one above), and my colleague excitedly exclaimed, "it's lucy torres!!". and i was like, "who??".

apparently she's a superstar in the Philippines! she was wearing the above vuitton bag, tory burch flats and skinny jeans, and with her husband who apparently is equally famous and is the brad pitt of the Philippines.

amusing and exciting!! i am feeling chi chi already!


  1. yeah. he was the brad pitt, ages ago. :-)

  2. Aww, the Louis Vuitton Street Shopper PM. Let-Trade has one in the other colour combination now.

  3. I like this bag. It's tacky but luxurious at the same time.:-)

    Happy weekend in Philippines!


  4. I love this Louis Vuitton bag too !!

    I found it on Twenga ! I might just go ahead and buy it.

  5. im another fan of the Street Shopper. i love the irony of it especially. glad to hear you're having a nice time in Manila.

  6. Lucy Torres has an impressive collection of LV bags. Saw it myself about a year ago when I styled her at her home.

  7. i was so inspired by her street shopper, that i was determined to find the "original" red white and blue made in china street shopper as i needed another bag to carry my shopping and souvenirs here.

    and i will hand carry my vuitton luggage bag as well as that "street shopper". i hope they won't throw me off the plane!

    ok i can't find that bag (not the fake vuitton but the original source of vuitton's inspiration) at greenhills (i am really exploring manila!), where can i find one??!

  8. i love this bag, i have the PM version of the white/blue/red :)
    i use it as my laptop bag


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