Wednesday, 19 November 2008

excess baggage

my hunt for the excess baggage bag began over the weekend after the "accidental" purchases of 2 pairs of cheap monday jeans, 2 pairs of zara work trousers, 2 zara shirts, 3 hard rock cafe tshirts, numerous pairs of socks and undies, mass export of dried mangoes and a load of souvenirs and goodies which the guys here wanted me to take back to the london colleagues.
.: longchamp foldable travel bag :.

.: longchamp foldable travel case :.

.: "ghana-must-go" bag, ala vuitton spring 2007 :.

feeling totally inspired by lucy torres which i saw 2 weekends ago, i decided to get the really cheap and nasty but somehow chic looking "red-white-blue-murder-body-parts" bag. you'll be surprised, it's so difficult to find one in manila! and so difficult to google this bag as well. did you know it is actually called "ghana must go" bag??!

after numerous attempts i gave up and decided that a foldable longchamp bag would be good as i can bring it with me on future travels as i always seem to overload my luggage. i wanted the boxy looking suit case, but the selection here is rather small, and pricey to add!

so i went with the mustard color extra large foldable travel bag. cost me about 25% more than europe :/

and i am still going to look for the "red-white-blue-murder-body-parts-ghana-must-go" bag


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  2. you should come to Singapore to get that foldable suitcase! We have it here! hehee

    the ghana must go bag...we call it 'hui xiang dai' in chinese. Means 'go back to hometown bag' go back to the rural, ulu countryside.:-) For country pumpkins. hehe

  3. hehe i only know it as "hong bai lan jiao dai" (red white blue plastic bag)

    nerd chic is back!

  4. I know where to get them. Are you still in Manila?

  5. oh serious lol?? yea am still in manila, leaving friday morning :D

  6. i think in the Phils they're called "Divi Bags". its short for Divisoria, the busiest market in Metro Manila.

    btw, im loving that large Longchamp travel bag. im having a yellow phase at the moment. and this is def up my alley.

  7. YAY to mustard! i was considering graphite too but i prefer bright colored bags.

    ok let me go ask my colleagues if they know what a divisoria bag is hehe

  8. Hi! I've been a fan of your blog, bagaholicboy and myMANybags for months... it's time i wanna make a comment... hehe... yeah, i agreed with BB that mustard is a great color! i got mine in olive recently... like Kevin said, if you want the suitcase bag, we do have quite a variety here in Singapore... at Paragon... and yeah... i also called it 'hong bai lan jiao dai'... something exceptionally elegant if it's the LV 'ghana-must-go' bag... GO GET IT! it really looks great! *Cheers!*

  9. ryo: thanks for the comments :)

    paragon has that divi-hu-xiang-dai-hong-bai-lan-jiao-dai bag?!! i am shocked hehe. metro??!

  10. Yes... i'm referring to Longchamp... LOL

  11. the plastic straw bags are also called "sakonite" from sack and samsonite.

  12. Hey...(sheesh, it's weird not knowing your name.) First off, what time if your flight? I work near your hotel (in fact, I have a meeting there lunch time today). However, I still have to get the bags. Let me know how many you want/need. It would help if you could give me your contact number so I could get in touch with you easily. Email me at Will send you my mobile number as well as soon as you email me. Thanks.


  13. hi ron, thanks for offering! i just got in at work after a looooong lunch with my colleagues here (we went to people's palace at greenbelt amazing food!). i am ok with excess baggage now, i will get the divi bag when i am in singapore tomorrow.

    but thank you for offering, that is such a nice gesture. hope your meeting goes well :)

    joe :)

  14. Hey Joe. Nice to finally know your name. Are you sure? I would gladly get you the back, just let me know how many. I can drop it at your hotel tonight. By the way, a designer friend, Cesar Gaupo (who was the former Creative Director of Shanghai Tang) is having a fashion show there at the lobby lounge at 4. You might want to see it. Unfortunately, I have to head back to the office so Im missing the show. Anyway, my offer stands if you're still interested.


    By the way, I was the one who asked you about the Gucci two-toned shoes. Im not sure if you remember. :)

  15. Hi Ron,

    Of course i do, you were lusting after my gucci wimbledon loafers!

    thank you so much for the offer, much appreciated. i also don't think i can make the show, it's my last day here and have a lot of hand over to do. we follow london hours here so usually get back to the hotel around 2am, shocking i know!

    thanks for the offer, enjoy your day :)

  16. congrats on finding that bag :) that's very nice of you ron.
    it's everywhere in indonesia and i remember once i got to this mall where they sell lots of fakes, they put the bags on this kinda of bag and i was taking my street shopper with me, some of the sellers there were talking behind me how they found my lv bag funny because they use it to carry the fake bags they sell LOL
    i love my bag even more since then

  17. Haha! You, remember Joe. I still can't forget those shoes. Lucky you! Hey bagcraze, just trying to help fellow bag addicts like myself. :) By the way, love your blog, too. Regularly check it out. I have one too, in case you're interested: I don't get to update it that often, though. In fact, I don't remember the last time I updated it. Hahaha.

  18. For a moment I thought you guys are referring to some vulgarites in hokkien...

    "hong bai (lan jiao) dai"



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