Saturday, 29 November 2008

gifts from manila

when i was in manila, my colleagues were kind enough to take me out during the weekends. on the second weekend, they took me to a place called "greenhills", where there were numerous stalls selling jewellery made of pearls. there are several islands off manila where pearls were cultured and exported. i was pleasantly surprised to find that prices were really affordable.

i bought the pair of fresh water pearl earrings with a 14k gold backing for my mum, for PHP1,500, which is about GBP20 or US$32. it matches nicely to the bracelet which i bought her back in september.

i also bought several bracelets which makes great presents to friends, each at around PHP120 which is about GBP1.60 or US$2.50!! seriously, a mcdonalds meal here in london costs way more than the pearl bracelets!!

we love cheap thrills!


  1. even the Spanish Royals buy their South Sea Pearls in Greenhills.

  2. you are such a good son!:-) Hope your mum likes it. and the pearls are beautiful.

  3. ha!
    it's funny to see that the shitty shit that is mcdonalds is expensive next to some pearls

  4. I love greenhills too. that's where I buy pirated DVDs. LOL

  5. dd: spanish royals too?! won't they get mobbed?! i like southsea pearls but it is very expensive!

    kev: yes mum loves it, she wore it for dinner before i left :)

    sd: yea mcdonalds is expensive here

    allan: piracy!! don't think i can get that past singapore's security!

  6. they go incognito of course. i dont think many would recognize them in the Phils anyway.

  7. awww... that is so sweet. greenhills is one of the shopping destination here in metro manila


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