Wednesday, 12 November 2008


greetings from the grey casted skies of manila, or as the locals say it, mabuhay!

been here a week now, food is really good and i really enjoy it, but my abs belly of steel can't get accustomed to a new environment and i have been doing the runs... ok too much info.

work is stressful, been working very long hours but thankfully the hotel is amazing and knowing that i am staying there for 3 weeks they are out to take good care of me. i should have brought my shorts and vegitate by the pool on weekends or in the morning before work. but the abs belly of steel...

and how can i not do shopping? expectantly, i find most stuff to be more expensive than europe. we went shopping along greenbelt, which surprisingly houses some of the top fashion labels around as well as boutiques from top watch houses: patek to panerai you name it they probably have a shop there. and this is a place, where according to the local newspaper delivered to my room daily, ranked as one of the top 5 places where people lived in hunger last year! i am seriously amazed.

anyway, the selection at vuitton is rather small, no cruise 2009 collection. the nearest thing to excitement was the shoe above, but it retailed for about PHP32,000, which is about GBP415. this shoe retailed for about GBP320 in london, so that is a 30% price difference.

i did not bring enough work clothes with me and i thought i can find cheap and nice locally made shirts, but since i tower above everyone here nothing seems to fit. so i went to zara, but even prices are 30% higher. so whoever said europe was expensive??

oh, i had a haircut at toni & guys. cost me PHP650 which is GBP8.50, and it came with a top notch neck and back massage. now that is value i might go have another haircut ha!

ok laters...



  1. At least you got a haircut dude!

  2. try frank provost salon next! you're right most of the designer brands here are expensive! Welcome to the Philippines.

  3. yeah. those luxury stores are heinous.

    at least our food is great, no? :-)

  4. I knew I was right about the 30% difference in Vuitton prices between Europe and Manila, but somehow Zara is cheaper in Manila than in Oslo? Even though the Philippines ranked high in that hunger report you read, there's a great divide across the socio-economic sphere. So the rich can still shop 'til they drop (lest travel to HK or westward for cheaper prices on luxury goods).

    Been reading raves about Pepper Lunch at Rockwell, owned by another fashion blogger Chuvaness. Maybe you should try that. I know I would when I fly home soon.

    Enjoy your time in Manila! Great to hear from you again.

    Btw, which hotel are you staying at?

  5. Local distributors are quite infamous for overpricing their products. That's why I only enjoy shopping in Manila during sale seasons. Hee hee :D

    Hope you're having fun here! And please don't forget to post pictures!! Haha!

  6. thanks guys :D

    i must declare my undying love for jollibee! it's miles better than kfc!!

    am staying at shangrila (don't stalk me! :P), and it is amazing. will visit rockwell when i get the chance. oh my god, it's 2am now and i am still in the office this is a hard life

  7. oh no you didn't just mention jollibee! i wanna chow on chickenjoy like, now. :) ah, shangri-la is indeed nice, either makati or edsa. you do deserve a great bed after all that hard day's work. good luck!

  8. and oh, they serve sarsi at jollibee too, which is ancient to me! i miss sarsi!

    and i love lechon! i am turning full fledge now :s

  9. Mabuhay!

    Have fun here in Manila....Enjoy the foods, the beaches and some good nightlife! Please do try the local cuisines and delicacies as well..

    But be careful too -- Lots of pickpockets and hold-ups...hehehe



  10. where did you go I missed your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The shoes are really beautiful. :)

  12. lv employee: i went to manila for a work trip, working very hard to make enough money to buy that suede vuitton sac sport bag. any insider news, how much and when?? more importantly any insider discount hehe?

  13. :) do you mean from cruise 2009 the big shopper bag? I have no clue which idea you are talking about? Do you have the model number? Please don't get that pair of shoe! Its not fashionable enough for you its too boring old man haha its so uncomfortable to wear them!

  14. That's the few things cheap in 3rd world country (I live in one too) - haircut, optical stuff and massage. Friends from UK loves it.

    Which is why I always get my friends to buy stuff from Europe.

    For eg: Bayswater in Heathrow is around 350 pound. Where I stay, it's 570 pound for the same thing.

  15. lv employee: this is the bag

    any clues?

    thompsonboy: you reminded me, i shall get a massage this weekend!

  16. this is from spring summer 2009! I have seen the runway booklet, but there was no mentioned of the bag actual name I don't think its called suede vuitton sac sport bag if I didn't remember wrongly its called the SC cos there is a range of small keepalls and they are design by sofia copplia. I keep a look out for you. I think prices will differ in every country cause of the currency once I get a code number I can tell u the price in your local shop :D

  17. lv e'ee: thank you! i don't think it's the SC bag as this bag was shown before the sofia coppola deal was announced. but help me keep a look out and please let me know when it will be released in London and how much :D

    i heard it's part of pre-spring so should be soon!


  18. omg. Jollibee. I miss it already.

  19. sorry for the Late reply, was kinda of busy with my exams. will let you know about it. sometimes the prices in system might change when its release depending on the number of bags.

  20. I'm a Filipino, and am an avid, though new, reader. I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Manila. And yes, Vuitton here is really expensive, which is why most locals buy in other countries.

    Do love your blog! Especially your articles on shoes. Hope your shoe collection grows

    Keep safe


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