Monday, 24 November 2008

mulberry sale up to 75% off

for those in london, print off above invitation to gain access to mulberry's special sale. times are indeed bad, retailers are discounting products way before christmas.

sale Sale SALE!


  1. Sadly this is just a tarted up sample sale and not an actual "sale" current season merchandise.

  2. i went to the sale , and i must say that i am disappointed ...the items on sale were lacklustre , with the oddest colours that you could find. You practically had to skim through to MAYBE find a gem .

  3. wow that's quick, and i am still at work! is it really that bad? even with 75% off?

    but good to know! how did you hear about the mulberry sale actually?

  4. i know the sale from your blog...

    keep us all updated on the sales!

    have a good weekend!

  5. It was not 75% off - prices were very similar to Bicester Village!!! It was actually a sample sale that started on Tuesday and there was £2 cover charge (for Battersea Dogs). There were different invites sent out and the one you received did not state it was a sample sale whereas the some other variation did! I did not mind the £2 but was very annoyed that no menswear was available (unlikeas advertised on the flyer) and the selection of luggage was very poor and limited. Boo hoo!!!


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