Saturday, 29 November 2008

my abode for the past 3 weeks

the perks of a business trip: you get to stay in a nice hotel with great amenities. i stayed at the shangrila makati for 3 weeks, and i really have no complains. it is one of the grandest hotels i've been in, and i am thankful to my secretary for persuading the big boss to let me stay there! (usually for trips in excess of 2 weeks they will put us up in a service apartment)

with complimentary deserts and a sky high view, it really does take pressure off work and makes everything seem worthwhile.

it truly was a luxurious 3 week work trip!


  1. they picked a good one for you. that's where we also stay when we visit. i love Makati. its where i hung out for most of my teens.

  2. Seriously, I am very curious what's your occupation and which company you working for! Mind to tell me? =)

  3. Nice room and with a view:-) It sure am a luxurious work trip.

  4. I've been there once or twice. Nice food.

  5. thanks guys, it really is a great hotel i recommend it. makes me wanna try shangrila at other locations too!

    allan: maybe it's me but i didn't like the food there. international breakfast buffet was included every morning but i didn't really enjoy the food. i ate out almost every day...

  6. Hi what mustard coloured bag is this next to the helanga...?


what's he wearing?