Saturday, 29 November 2008

out & about

i was so tired that i only woke up at 12noon today. i could keep on sleeping but decided i will not waste the saturday moping in bed. made some calls, booked an appointment at toni & guy for a haircut and spent the day wandering around the city.

put on one of my favourite lazy get ups: burberry prorsum 2 in 1 sweater

black cheap monday skinny jeans bought from adora in manila. 50% off, i bought 2 pairs! this is my first ever pair of black jeans. i've always resisted buying black jeans just like i've always detested celery but i love them now. i guess it's coming of age...

one of my favourite coats from burberry prorsum fall winter 2007.

and my favourite lazy get up and go shoe: paul smith cloth sneakers

the webcam pics probably doesn't do much justice to the coat, but the above were taken in the dressing room of H&M. i love the rich military green hue as well as the details on the back. the manager at YSL commented that my coat was nice, i sure hope he meant it and wasn't just being polite!

and here's a similar coat on the runway but mine's without the lapels and cuffs details. love the way he belts the coat but i don't think i will ever pull off the look.

and here's what i came back with.

there's a tinge of guilt from the shopping, we don't know when this recession will end. but my friend said to me we should celebrate, celebrate that we are still in employment, celebrate life. we can keep moping and worrying about potential future job losses, but there's no meaning in life if we let that call from HR takeover. and so i spent a little money today, i bought stuff that i could wear to work, a reinvestment of sorts, a reminder that i will have to work even harder to safeguard my future.

there's a lot to be thankful for. dress up put on a smile and greet the world!


  1. I love the jacket! It looks so fitted for you...great look.

    And what YSL goodies have you brought back?:-P Reveal!
    Yes, happy shopping. Cannot keep worrying about the recession. Senior Minister Lee did mentioned in one of his speeches somewhere, that those who can afford to should spend money and not try to save and save. If even those people who have money do not spend, then our economy is really going to hit the rocks!

    I am all for SM Lee's 'encouragement. Hahaha

  2. oh crap, a bucket full of YSLs! please reveal!!!

  3. great outfit, love your pictures ;)
    cant wait for the YSL reveal ...

  4. Nice jacket, it's been sooo long since you did an 'out & about', I seriously began to miss them lol. These posts made me a regular reader :) keep up the good work!

  5. Next time, please include your handsome face ;-) in the photo.
    Don't be shy! And I'd love to see younaked.

  6. thanks guys :)

    will take pics when it is not so grey and dark in london!

  7. J, you're a sex object now! LOL

    nice coat.

  8. 00oo00!

    I'm with you on this one. i heard Gordon Brown say that we needed to spend our way out of tis recession so like you I took that to mean "buy some YSL".

    I bought myself a magnificent AW08 pea coat in Selfridges with about 45% off. And I feel much better.

  9. can't believe we actually listened to gordon brown for once!

    you went to selfridges sale? did you use the 20% voucher? i saw everyone on the street with the bright yellow carrier bag, and i made sure i avoided selfridges as i know it will be jammed pack. which peacoat did you get? at 45% off?? they started sales beyond the 20% already??

    i bought something at ysl which you might approve hehe

  10. is the YSL sale only for invited customers or is it also available to public?

  11. londonboy: official YSL sale starts 27th dec, and special sale is only for last weekend, which they claimed to be only for invited guests. i don't think they are offering discounts from now till 27th...


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