Saturday, 22 November 2008

the search for coin pouches

jet lagged at 3am in singapore (7pm in london), what can one do? on-line shopping/browsing! i received the following email from andy, which i can totally emphatise and relate to:

"May I ask do you have any recommendation for men how to carry our coins? Wallet with coins makes it very bulky and heavy! Putting all of them in your bag or your pocket will create those 'sound effect' when you walk! Is there a product out there specially for men to keep coins? ~ Andy"

i really do not like wallets with coin pouches attached as it makes the wallet bulge, and it will damage the wallet in the long term with that extra weight and stress. i always carry my coins with a coin pouch, a small-ish pouch from coach which i bought a few years ago in new york. i am also looking for a new coin pouch, so i thought i'll do a bit or research and list down the below which i really like and would consider. i like to match the colour of the coin pouch back to the wallet, so this might be something to think of. andy also replied to say he doesn't really have a budget (hermes anyone??). well hope you will like the below suggestions andy!

my ultimate favourite: vuitton coin purse in nomade leather. GBP330

vuitton square pouch in brown or black taiga leather. GBP145

vuitton monogrammed coated canvas coin pouch. GBP245

vuitton damier coated canvas keys and change holder. GBP85

prada embossed leather coin pouch from yoox. GBP60

prada saffiano leather coin pouch in brown or black from yoox. GBP140

comme des garcons square zippy pouch. GBP43

andy also mentioned he wanted something bigger, how's this? measuring 145mm x 105mm, comme des garcons leather pouch. GBP41

or how about these absolutely lovely zippy cases from comme des garcons too? ranging from GBP45 to GBP55, all from

and for the budget savvy people: marc jacobs quilted leather coin pouch from the "specials range", only USD11!

ok i better go sleep it's 4am now. might wake up early to accompany mum for brunch. i shall dream about the vuitton nomade coin case. sweet dreams, and hope you will find some inspiration from here andy :)

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  1. Poor you...jetlag is bad:-(

    Sweet dreams. Enjoy your weekend nonetheless.:-)

  2. Hello! I love your post! Thank you so much for your research. I absolutely love the LV square pouch which looks nicer in brown but my Dior Homme wallet is black! So I have decided to go for the Prada one at Yoox for a start since it is only 60pounds! Any idea why the other Prada coin pouch is 140 pounds considering it is only 0.2 inch bigger in size? I have ordered the 60pounds one anyway and will definitely check out the others when I am down at London this coming weekend! Thanks again! =)

  3. andy: the black pouch was a different texture and feel to it's signature saffiano leather. but £60 is still a good buy!

    check out the sales if you're here this weekend!

  4. Yea exactly! 60 pounds is a good start. =) Any idea when will all the pre xmas sales start? I saw something at browns that I really like and I need a pair of leather shoes as well. Also, I need something from Balenciaga =)

  5. andy: most places kick start the pre christmas sale earlier this year due to bad economic climate. selfridges is having 20% off storewide. you can get balenciaga menswear there!

    browns is a great lil treasure chest. but sizes tend to run out fast over there.

    we need to shop to save this dwindling economy!

  6. Hello, Any idea of where I can find the MArc JAcobs small quilted leather coin pouch or anything similar to that?
    I am in NY!


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