Thursday, 20 November 2008

vuitton men's pre-spring summer 2009 bags

it's my last day in manila! had an amazing 3 weeks here and my colleagues were so hospitable, taking me out for drinks after work, spending time with me over the weekends etc. they were amazing!

next stop: singapore for 3 days, then it's back to london to face the cold cold weather! finally i can wear my 1469870324 coats!

continuing with my lust for the spring summer 2009 vuitton bags: 2 of the bags were featured on japan's website, the suede "reporter" which retails for 301,350Y and the suede "sac sport" for 349,650Y. the siwa leather versions costs slightly more.

i've fallen head over vuitton heels for that suede sac sport bag, but 349,650Y equates GBP2,387 based on today's ultra weak GBP rate. however, i noticed that vuitton merchandise is more expensive in japan than in europe. a monogrammed speedy35 costs 87,150Y which is about GBP595, 58% higher than london's GBP375. can i apply the same logic to say that the suede sac sport would be 58% lower in london costing GBP850???

fat chance i think, but there's a chance it might be around the GBP1,200 mark

ok back to work so i can finish early and back to the hotel to pack!


  1. Now I fear what could be the prices of the SS09 tote bags. Yikes!

    Glad you had a great time in Manila, have a safe flight to Singapore!

  2. with annual price increases and appreciation of EURS, it doesn't bode well....

    looooking forward to singapore!

  3. The Suede Sports bag looks hawt!

  4. i really like the suede Sac Sport. its actually my first choice. but at Au$3300, i might give it a miss =(

  5. Welcome to SINGAPORE!:-)

    It's your home too:-) and sale starts today at Club 21!


    Have a safe flight.

    The suede bag looks great. Love it!

  6. bengt and mr duck: will go back to london to check that bag out!

    kev: club21 sale??!! very dangerous.... but i will go check it out hehe. is it at 4seasons and all boutiques, or at a special venue?

  7. Hey Joseph,

    It's at all the club 21 stores! Four Seasons Hotel and many other locations.

    If you have club 21 card, you get additional 10% for 20 and 21Nov. DBS Amex Credit Cards will get additional 10% over the weekend., 22-24 Nov.

    Happy shopping. Might bump into you!

    you know my bags...I am sure you will recognise me.:-) so do say hi. since I dun know how you look. hahaha.


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