Monday, 24 November 2008

YSL rive gauche special preview sale

Dear Mr xxx,

I am pleased to invite you to a special event on this Friday 28th and Saturday 29th November.

We are giving a select group of client the chance to purchase any items that will be placed on sale, 5 weeks early. There will be more lines on sale this year that at any other.

All sale items will be 50% off. This will include a couple of the coats from the AW09 look book that you expressed an interest in.

If you are unable to attend on these days please call or email and we will find a suitable time for you.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Kind regards

xxx from YSL

i guess times are really bad on retail, they are discounting 5 weeks early. and 50% off is VERY enticing!!! it is not a mass email but an invitation to me, and it mentioned about the few coats which i put myself on the waiting list for. how sweet! but my firm just announced a 1,000 worldwide staff job cuts. just another grim reality that we are just at the early days of the recession. oh the mind is very weak...


  1. Hi,
    have never posted on here before.
    That first blue greenish jacket is the bomb. Do you know how much it is normal and with discount?
    Cheers from Hamburg

  2. I wish we have sale that offers such generous discounts at the start! I want to go to London!

  3. T: that coat is about GBP700+, with 50% off it should be around GBP350. Kanye West worn it before too.

    kev: the discounts are coming in fast and furious, retail is badddd, gotta prioritise which i wanna get!

  4. i've been feeling yellow and grey lately.

  5. Hi 00o00,
    thanks for the fast feedback.
    I have seen the photos of Kanye before. Any chance for you to get your hands on one for me or can you tell me when the official sale at YSL in london starts? I need to have it and especially for the 350 pounds, what a bargain. Or do you think its to late when the jacket goes into the official sale?
    Thanks again & keep up the good work

  6. This is indeed an actual sale of the current season stock. I was in the boutique today and one of the SAs showed me around the menswear department, pointing out what will be offered at 50% off. Yes, even that blue jacket is there for the taking!

  7. anon: serious!? oh my, how much is the blue jacket going for? my guess £350.

    i tried that on at selfridges but i just looked odd in it, but i still want it so much because it look so good

    so tempting!! you got anything?

  8. No I did not as I cannot pull it off - I am 6ft 5in and it just won't work on me - the SA was very nice and invited me to swing by around 6pm today (as the Muse Overnight bag is NOT on sale and that was the only thing I really really want) - no shoes in my size (UK12) and no military bags in my size either!!! Almost bought a travek wallet but changed my mind as even though it was 50% off it was £180 and the inner lining was canvas. I'm just picky! Thanks for mentioning it though. There is a Dior pre-sale from 3 - 7 Dec. Let me know if you'd like to go and I will tray and arrange it. maybe even Fendi but no promises!

  9. anon: that sounds so exciting! i am going tomorrow to nose around, hope i will find something nice!

    am not very keen on dior and fendi myself, but you have fun! but if you hear anything about gucci pre sale let me know! :D

  10. Gucci pre=sale is like Willy Wonka's golden ticket! If you hear anything, hope YOU will let me know!!!


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