Friday, 19 December 2008

burberry prorsum men's fall winter 2008 V-neck ribbed cardigan

burberry prorsum men's fall winter 2008 V-neck ribbed cardigan as featured on the runway, with long sleeves and small black lacquered buttons engraved with the burberry logo. the cardigan has wide ribs on the bodice and very finely ribbed trims, cuffs and base. merino wool and silk. was £345 now 60% off at £138.

i just placed this in the shopping bag and handed over my card details! i love love love the rich yet deep reddish hues which they called "bordeaux". this is such a luxurious looking piece which i can wear for work and play. i ordered the size M, which i hope it fits snugly. there were a couple of coats on sale too and reduced to about £398 which i think is a very very good price. but i cannot buy anymore coats i have too many :S

click here for the burberry prorsum sale if interested!

i love christopher bailey. i love burberry prorsum. i love baked beans, just about.


  1. Happy Shopping! it's a great price. and the cardigan is fab:-)

  2. i wish i could own it! :-)

    just visited the burberry website but they only ships to Europe country .

    Sadly , I live in Singapore :-(

    Do you know any other ways to own the cardigan?

    Thanks a lot :-)

  3. hi alan, have you tried the burberry store in singapore? they might have it. if you have friends passing by london you might want to ask them.

    last option would be to call the burberry store at new bond street or knightsbridge, ask if they can send it to you. might work wonders! :)

    happy shopping!

  4. Thanks a lot :-)

    but another question is : Can i get it at the discount price as stated in the website if i enquire from burberry store in singapore or new bond street?

    by the way,,

    have u receive the package?

    gorgeous :-)

  5. oh yes i've received it before christmas! they do next day delivery. i checked the prices of the cardigan in the london stores, they are the same price as what i've paid on the web. i can't guarantee it will be the same price in singapore, cos it is distributed by another company, and exchange rate these days meant stuff in london is cheaper for you!

    i did check burberry knightsbridge today, however they don't have the cardigan anymore...

  6. oh my......!!

    i love the cardigan so much :-(

    anyway ,,,

    thanks a lot for your reply :-)

  7. wow,,

    the process of ordering the cardigan was seems a bit troublesome and till now i haven settle the ordering yet.

    oh my~~~~~~~~~~~~

    by the way,,,

    how is your cardigan?

    nice when saw it in person?

  8. wow you ordering it? i really like it, in fact i plan to wear it tomorrow to work.

    i like it, it looks and feel luxurious, and the fit is good too.

    hope you'll like yours!

  9. Jz enquire from the burberry customer service through email..

    But afraid that it might not available in XS or S size ..

    chance of order it successfully might be quite slim..


    since u are wearing it 2molo,,,

    mind to take a few photos in it? :-)

  10. Hey there. Though this may be from your archives already, I knew your blog would be a reliable source to find some runway photos. I linked this article to my blog. I hope you don't mind. Thanks! :-)


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