Monday, 8 December 2008

christmas came early

i've not met a few of my friends for ages, so we met up for a nice spot of japanese dinner near farringdon last friday. although i've just complained that my friends did not pick up my hints about tom ford's black orchid, they did however pick up my very blatant hints about the below!

they managed to find me a copy of numero magazine released back in september, which came with the monogramouflage mousepad! how exciting! but it comes at a price: they are going away for 5 weeks and i need to water their 5 plants daily, and i need to warm up their car engine every now and then in this freeezing cold weather. brrrrrr

but i do get the magazine and mousepad after ranting for so long. hehe all is good


  1. Wishes do come true during the festive season. Congrats! Now you just need the graffit keepall.

  2. i must be constantly yakking about it for the past few months so they got me a copy to shut me up haha!

    YAY now we all have the mousepads!

  3. congrat on your new LV. Isn't it lovely??

  4. yes lvoely ha!
    but its too posh to be used so it's sitting pretty on the shelf ha

  5. lucky you! i would love one, but im too cheap to pay the going price for these on eBay.


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