Sunday, 14 December 2008

christmas countdown - dreamers edition

it's sunday, everyone is allowed to dream a little.

vuitton speedy automatic power reserve with black alligator strap, GBP3,270

vuitton customised tambour tourbillon as modelled by 'uber tuber dreamy under the radar' benoit vuitton, the great-great-great grandson of monsieur louis vuitton. benoit vuitton heads the special orders watch division.

seriously now, is it really evian they drink in france?? i am so moving there! some people really have it all.

le sigh



  1. and you can be clad in vuitton with as many LV keepalls as you want. Looks and smarts and money and LVs....yes, some people do have it all. Le sigh....

  2. It's a toss up for me. I never truly owned a watch I desired, and when the time comes, it will either be a LV or a Rolex.

  3. lol @ the evian comment.

    I want to move to Paris, too. I want to, uhm, mingle with brieuc's friends!

    ok, ok. I'd do more than mingle if they let me. I'd do a lap dance for Laurent.

    and I would take pictures and send to Kevin. hahahaha

  4. At that price, a Jaeger LeCoultre is a much better buy. LV's watches are just that, fashion watches....but actual longevity amongst true watch enthusiasts still rests with Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Lange & Sohne, Glasshutte, Blancpain et. al......

  5. actually the whole point of the post is so i can plaster benoit vuitton's pretty face all over the blog. he is the christmas wishlist - dreamers edition :D

  6. ugh, he's hot. i guess he's straight and has a girl? last i heard he was working in NYC?

  7. Please do Allan. I like any pics with Laurent in it:-) But keep your hands off him...he's mine!


  8. Your comment made me laugh out loud ;)


what's he wearing?