Thursday, 4 December 2008

christmas countdown

everyone loves receiving presents, so make an effort, leave chocolates to the last resort (and if one must, it should be godiva!).

i think the vuitton city guide would be the perfect present for my friend km. we've been to paris twice together (or was it thrice??) and we are still in love with this beautiful beautiful city. packed with 500 addresses it would be a good excuse to visit paris again next year. something i would like to receive as well *ahem* heh so i might just borrow km's copy.

louis vuitton paris city guide, GBP20. i shall drop by the store this weekend!



  1. my camel color coat is just a vintage found, somewhere in the east village of new york city.

  2. Hi 00o00, nice reading your block, wanna ask you something, for LV shoe - Concerto Strap Derby in Calf Leather GBP500 (in Malaysia), it is worth to buy or just... u know...;(

  3. i love vintage! the coat fits so well on you :)

    anon: i think lv is slightly more expensive in asia, and i wouldn't pay GBP500 on a pair of shoes, purely because i am not commanding a CEO salary yet!

    but if it makes you happy why not? life's short go boost the economy!


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