Saturday, 6 December 2008

christmas countdown

it is difficult getting fragrances as presents for people unless they provide specific hints on which ones they like. i've been hinting all my life that i really like tom ford's black orchid, but none of my friends seem to take notice!

it is marketed as a scent for ladies, but i don't see why scent should have a gender bias. moreover, in an interview somewhere tom ford mentioned that he wants his first fragrance to smell like a man's scrotum. hmmm classy, mine doesn't smell like that, and i've not smelt of any that smells like black orchid either.

50mls retails for about GBP55 in the UK and about US$60 in new york. what a complete rip off in the UK!

anyway, santa santa where art thou?


  1. man's scrotum...yeeks. what a description. happy hunting for the giver of the fragrance:-P

  2. i like Wild Fig and Cassis or Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone. I also like Preparation Parfumee by Andre Putman. If there's a scent I want to wear forever it's Eau Savage by Christian Dior.

  3. I bought it when it first came out!
    I love it!

  4. a bottle from his Private Blend line is on my Xmas List.

  5. Black Orchid? costs a cool €55/100ml at my working place. passed on it tho this time cause i wore it the entire last winter and while i love it, it's too extravagant for me to wear on a daily basis.


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